Kate Upton Carl's Jr. Ad: Sexy or Sickening?

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This ad for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's new Southwest Patty Melt is mouth-watering. Or maybe that's just Kate Upton, SI swimsuit cover model and It Girl of the moment.

The burger features a charbroiled beef patty, with sliced jalapenos, grilled onions, pepper-Jack cheese and spicy Santa Fe sauce, all on grilled sourdough bread.

The ad, which barely falls short of showing Kate Upton nude, features her going to town on that thing at a drive-in theater. This takes the term PDA to a new level.

Seriously, we can't decide if this is hot or not:

Kate Upton's Carl's Jr. ad is ...


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C'mon, guys. She's just romancing a burger. I've seen porno, and this pales in comparison. Get a grip.


I am 70 yo and have severe tnnihing of hair on top. I have been wearing wigs for the past two years and even though I am a head sweater .I've been able to cope. I'd rather die than go bald and look so very, very old. Boy it makes a huge difference not only to me but to others.I find the Wendy a great wig and have a couple of them and am now venturing out to try the new Roxanne the breathable wig. I'm anxious for their arrival I have three coming. Yep I'm sold alright!I had two surgeries withing a five year period and do believe that took care of the balding problem that I already had against me due to heredity.


She's not doing anything wrong. Why is it that it's ok to glorify death and violence but wrong to show a nude woman on tv? Why is it like that in this country? I would much rather see beautiful women than dudes shooting each other or beating each other up. Think about it before u judge another human being, or maybe you would much rather live in a world of hate than love.


And we wonder why our country is so sick, are childern see this crap everyday. JESUS please forgive this country that you blessed so much and now we just keep slapping you in the face.


I'd love to give her an In-N-Out


I luv it It was funny


In reality, she would never eat that burger. I think its too much for tv.


dayum that burger looks sooo good!! Fuck the model, the burger looks delish.


she's been linked to Mark Sanchez....he's soooooooo gross and he sucks at QB.Prolly doesn't have a green card either lol...


who cares about kate upton?? she's just eye candy for horny guys and that's all the is. i suggest for every piece of kate upton that's uploaded there's another piece featuring some really hot male! then i'm fine with her. bring it on, THG!