Kate Gosselin Turns 37 Today

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Kate Gosselin has scarcely been in the news lately. Thank goodness.

Don't worry, though: even with TLC mercifully cancelling Kate Plus 8 last year, the attention-starved mother of eight isn't about to rest on her laurels.

She's blogging like a madman for CouponCabin (dot com) and longing for the morning that someone will call and offer her brood a new reality show.

Don't hold your breath, Kate. But happy 37th birthday babe.

Kate Gosselin Facelift

It seems like only yesterday that Kate was burning up our TVs with her weekly emasculation of Jon ... then burning up our site with her marital problems.

Memories. Cheers to you, 2009.

In non-grating-banshee news, it's also Lady Gaga's birthday today! Not to mention Vince Vaughn, Reba McEntire, Julia Stiles and others. Yay, March 28!


I hope she ends up pole dancing her fake teets off at a strip club in poontang texas for 50 cent tips buhahahahahaa


Tanya: "THREW AND THREW?". Hahahahahahaha!


Shame on you people that speak that way of Kate or any other person in the world.. Is that how you talk to your mother ??




hey "Bwaaaha" i hate this woman BUT damn id love to f__k her & give her the white pole she deserves:)


Your body was made for a white man foolish girl..you could of felt the power of white c!ck and had children that resemble you but then again she is not too bright.Guess she wanted to be tickled instead.


Jeez!!!!!!! Her again! I see the mouth is still working fine....


Not to beat a dead horse but, would someone please tell me when her 15 minutes of fame are up?
-Over this over exposed mother of eight!


OMG....I can't believe that's happening to Kate I am such a great fan of hers and I hope and pray that this is just a rumor because she has eight children to look after.I love you Kate and I must say husband is a jerk!

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