Karrueche Tran Likens Self to Angelina Jolie, Chris Brown to Brad Pitt, Rihanna to Jennifer Aniston?

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The latest rumor in the strange saga of Rihanna and Chris Brown comes to us from Ms. Karrueche Tran, his girlfriend, and an interesting remark she wrote on Facebook.

Chris and Karrueche seem on solid ground despite his musical (and purported, but not confirmed, sexual) collaborations with Rihanna. But is there tension brewing?

This weekend, Rihanna Tweeted the following picture with the caption "Ima make u my bitch." Some actually interpreted this as a veiled shot at Karrueche Tran:

Rihanna's Rice Cakes
Karrueche Pic

In response, or maybe just randomly, Karreuche took to Facebook and made a comment that sure seems like a commentary on Chris' relationship status.

That and the fact that she's got the upper hand. She wrote on Facebook:

"I'm Angelina, You're Jen. C'mon you see where Brad is at."

If that was a diss, it was a decent one. Nice use of celebrity gossip knowledge to make the point that Chris Brown is hers now and imply that he's got no interest in Rih.

What do you think of Karrueche Tran's FB post? Was it in response to Rihanna's rice cake diss? Was Rihanna's Tweet really just about eating rice cakes?


HA! I find that hilarious, considering the fact Rihanna every chance she gets tweets out nonscene sumbliminal tweets (regarding Chris or maybe not). She (Rihanna) is so lame and such an attention seeker. And Karrueche is speaking the honest truth (if that's even really her "Facebook account"). In the situation she is Ang, and Rihanna hahahaha sadly is Jen..... But to be honest I always thought Nicki was really whack for saying that line. Jen didn't deserve that. Peace&Love.


Karate is running wild>Chris need to put this b*tch on the leash!


DO NOT GIVE THIS BITCH CREDIT FOR THAT LINE. The Angelina/Brad line is from Nicki Minaj's song
Stupid Hoe.


Ok...we get the point now, you are going to get married to your man, have beautiful kids and live happily 'ever-after' lol


Kung fu panda better shut it before I call immigration on dat ass..she need to go back to Vietnam and take her rice cake with her dumb broad!


Karoach is a stupid H*,she's a stupid H*!


Karrueche doesn't have Facebook. That was a fake Facebook account.


Last time I check, Angelina Jolie aren't broke! Kareuche needs to compare herself in someone on her level like superhead?!! Kariache dosent even make the D list.. Lmaoo Angelina jolie??>>>CHADDAP!


Damn. If ya hoes had a homewrecking hoe like RiRi trying to take your man, I'm sure you guys wouldn't be dissin on Kae. She's right. Ri needs to move on and stop sucking on the same dick that slapped her silly. You would think he slapped some sense into her dumbass. Riri really seems like the type of bitch that's all up in your face and tries to hit you and expect for a nigga not to lay his hands on her. I woulda pushed her ass out of the car if I was Chris.


Rihanna and Chris = true love and people need to know that true love never dies after all that happened their love just got stronger #HatersGonnaHate

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