Karrueche Tran Likens Self to Angelina Jolie, Chris Brown to Brad Pitt, Rihanna to Jennifer Aniston?

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The latest rumor in the strange saga of Rihanna and Chris Brown comes to us from Ms. Karrueche Tran, his girlfriend, and an interesting remark she wrote on Facebook.

Chris and Karrueche seem on solid ground despite his musical (and purported, but not confirmed, sexual) collaborations with Rihanna. But is there tension brewing?

This weekend, Rihanna Tweeted the following picture with the caption "Ima make u my bitch." Some actually interpreted this as a veiled shot at Karrueche Tran:

Rihanna's Rice Cakes
Karrueche Pic

In response, or maybe just randomly, Karreuche took to Facebook and made a comment that sure seems like a commentary on Chris' relationship status.

That and the fact that she's got the upper hand. She wrote on Facebook:

"I'm Angelina, You're Jen. C'mon you see where Brad is at."

If that was a diss, it was a decent one. Nice use of celebrity gossip knowledge to make the point that Chris Brown is hers now and imply that he's got no interest in Rih.

What do you think of Karrueche Tran's FB post? Was it in response to Rihanna's rice cake diss? Was Rihanna's Tweet really just about eating rice cakes?


Uhh.. this isn't original. She's quoting Nicki Minaj's song "Stupid Ho".


@Go Kae
Oh and one more thing, dumbass. Keep in mind she is just as much asian as she is BLACK. Dominate THAT you f***ing retard and keep talking shit cuz it just makes you look dumber. There will be plenty of asians at Ri's concerts. Still trying to think of a famous asian american pop star...oh yeah, there are NONE.


@Go Kae!
...STFU you stupid, arrogant, ignorant piece of shit. You have nothing to be proud of. What contributions have you yourself made to the world? NONE. And FYI it is asians who cop western style to DEATH. "Perfect" what? Don't make me laugh.


Its crazy that karruche is so called" ray charles to the bs" but she had time to film youtube videos making fun of rihannas nose & accent and relationship status. Before that I was checkin for Kae but she showed her racist true colors along with the fact that she's scared to address chris's whereabouts directly. Wait didnt' karruche say herself that she has an open relationship...
Um Dead*


Rhianna is racist as hell twitting that pic of the rice cakes. How can u be racist when u r darker than the person u r making fun of? Lol take a look at urself. I used to like rhianna but lately ive lost all respect for her. Shes classless, despicable, trashy, and racist with no dignity fighting over a guy that beat the crap out of her.


Rihanna's tweet pic is racist!!!


This is awesome! Now I know that in order to get two beautiful women to fight over you you must first beat the crap out of one of them. Thanks celebrities for influencing me in the right direction! I'm off to beat some hot women up!


This just shows u! Whoever supports rihanna are probably HOMEWRECKERS ya selves!!! That's a damn shame you guys supporting a girl that's basically like a video girl trying to get some attention from celebrity dudes, the only difference is that she one! SO YA TELLING ME, it's okay for some broad to come in between you and ur significant other? I dont think! If ya was Kae, you wouldnt be talking all that noise!!! I rest my case. Good day.


that comment is so offensive on so many levels poor jen come on people the lady moved on dont keep bringing up her personal life leave the women alone .


Rihanna thinks its better to have a boyfriend who beats her to putty than to be single? I think we know who the loser in this little triangle is. Do your thang Karrueche!!

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