Justin Bieber on Boyfriend: All About Selena!

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If I was your boyfriend, never let you go/Keep you on my arm girl, you'd never be alone/I can be a gentleman, anything you want...

So Justin Bieber croons in the first track off his upcoming album, "Boyfriend." Did he write the sweet lyrics with anyone in mind? Another young superstar, perhaps? Yes.

"She loves it," Bieber Carson Daly on AMP Radio yesterday, talking about Selena Gomez, of course. "It is about her."

The artist also appeared on Radio Disney (above) and said all the right things about actually being a quality boyfriend for Selena. Go ahead and take notes, fellas:

"You just have to be honest, that's the first thing, because if you're not honest, then the relationship is just not a good relationship. At the end of the day, your girl would appreciate you being honest more than lying to her and vice versa."

Bieber added that he's "loving and patient" in his relationship, while millions of fans around the globe added: OMG, I love him so much, he's so adorable and Selena better treat him well or else she'll have to answer to me. Call me, Justin!!!!


@Marc, me to.


my selena is amazing justin is really lucky 2 have her


I think it is so sweet that justin wrote that song for her. Its a great song and they are a great couple. I am a big fan of Selena and Justin and hope they stay happy with each other. i'm not one of those girls who says "If i can't have bieber, selena shouldn't" because i am happy for them. now if we were talking about Harry Styles from one direction that would be a different story because he is a lot hotter than justin and harry has a british accent. i am a crazed fan when it comes to one direction :))


justin do you have another girl than selina




I just threw up im my mouth a little bit.


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