Justin Bieber: Bloody in Complex

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Take a deep breath, young ladies: Justin Bieber is okay. But he sure doesn't look that way in the latest issue of Complex.

The 18-year old singer is featured on dueling covers of the magazine's 10th anniversary issue, which goes on sale April 3, and he's channeling Tyler Duren from Fight Club for each. See for yourself:

Justin Bieber for Complex
Justin Bieber Complex Cover

Inside the publication, Bieber jokes that he's actually a "40-year old man in disguise," while warning new and old fans that his upcoming album will be a departure from his past material.

"People just need to take a chance and listen," he says of the CD, which is reported to be chock full of hip-hop and rap. "That's going to be the biggest problem, to make them feel like it's cool for them to like my music."

Justin's first single off the album will drop on March 26 and he's giving fans a chance to vote for the cover art for it.


what the heck


O M G!!!! I was sooooo worried................N*O*T !!!!!!!!


We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves him. Romans 8; 28a


Omg! I thought those were real pictures! I thought he got into a fight or something!:0 but I'm still not understanding this lol. And Justin, I can't stop listening to the song with jaden smith thinking about you( I think that's the title lol) I love you so much! And never give up, remember you're better than the people who bring you down, and you will never be forgotten:) again, love ya so much Justin:)


really good at listttttttttttttt he should take the eye away


I wish it was real.......to bad it wasn't ........


My Poor Babyy!!:(


Aww, I thought he really got beaten up! ...and I thought that he was going to make real music in his "cross over" to hip hop, if I may say... What is he going to rap about? Money and girls? Oh, how original! I hope it is something worth my money and my time.


It's Tyler Durden for the love of god get it right. If they every remade Fight Club, a movie that is not old enough to be remade anyway, and they used Justin Bieber people would burn the theatre down. How can you even think of putting a though about such a well done movie/novel in the same sentence. He represents everything that Tyler Durden stood against. People are retarded.


to bad its not real ):

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