Justin Bieber "All Over" Selena Gomez at Celebrity-Based Birthday Bash

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Justin Bieber turned 18 years old on March 1, which means you can feel less dirty thinking of the singer in certain ways, ladies. But know this: he probably isn't thinking of you at all.

That's because the singer is clearly smitten with girlfriend Selena Gomez, as evidenced by his behavior at a surprise party thrown in his honor Friday night at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

"He was all over Selena the whole time, walking her around by the hand. He kept kissing her," an onlooker tells Us Weekly. "It's clear she was the best part of the night for him. He is still so in love with her."

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Photograph

Also in attendance at the shindig: Justin's mom and grandparents; his manager (who presented him with a new car last week); Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Ashley Tisdale, Cody Simpson and... Mike Tyson, among other stars.

A the Twit pic above proves, however, Justin only had eyes - and lips - for one attendee.

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I like u guys I don't know wat they r saying


Hi JB and Selena I just have to say u mk a great couple n i bth luv ur musik n wil u alws be my rl model. stay cul luv u


Before they were dating. Was justin biebers #1 fan an also selenas#1 fan i love hem both more thn anyting n i always will
All i have to say to the poeple tht say u hate them both n they should di i dont even fucking get y ur wAstin ur time looking at these things i mean if u dont like them ......
Its like saying u dont like pizza but th stuffing ur fat blaber mouths with pizza
Makes no sense to me so i say


...Selena you is fantastic and beauty girl...Beauty day You ...:)


i hate selena gomez she s a fucken bitch.and justin bieber s a sexy motherfucker guy.


Selena gomez is a very nice person nd so is justin :)


Bieber lover


are terrific par puts them to


I hate u guys ssooo much ad i was jkin bout i said ad i hope u guys die one day fuck u guys ad i hope u guys broke up i would bee ssoooo happy like thti s how much i hate u ad justin u r fuckin guy as hell learn how to do ur heir like dead ass u guys make a ugle cople bbbyyyyee ad fuck u

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