Jersey Shore: Looking to Phase Out Snooki and The Situation?

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With Snooki pregnant and engaged (!) and The Situation in rehab, the producers of Jersey Shore are obviously concerned. For the stars, sure, but mostly for the show.

Apparently they are worried the show will lose its edge - being a show about a bunch of drunk, sex-crazed rowdies - and are looking to phase the two out.

Newer, crazier cast members are apparently being sought.

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Yeah We Got a Situation!

MTV released a statement earlier this week, after Mike admitted his substance abuse problem, claiming it expects the entire cast to return for Season 6.

However, sources close to 495 Productions say the company is quite concerned about the recent events and wants to keep things fresh above all else.

If that means bringing in new JS cast members to help transition the show into a new generation, while still keeping old fans hooked, then so be it.

495 plans to limit Snooki and Situation's roles on the new season, giving the new cast members more screen time instead. Filming begins this summer.

Would you watch Jersey Shore without Snooki and Mike?


Get rid of snooki she dosent need to be there shes preggers leave situation. He spices up the show


situation can leave, but not snooki


To me it is very apparent that the Situation suffers from more than only a substance abuse problem. Drinking and that is what the show is centered around will only continue to compound the problem. It's sad to watch this desperate human being self-destruck. It is not fair to him and the rest of the members of the house continue to be a part of his illness solely for our entertainment.


Mike should be called the bitchuation cause he acts like one, snooki is cool keep her on,I will take mikes place on the show,I love to party snd who cant get laid in a beach town!


I agree with you MJ and skinny_minny!! I stopped watching it after Mike got boring with his dumbass jokes. Snookie is so fucking overated.


Mike needs to go. All he does is play games and start trouble--gets old real quick.


If they get rid of Sitch and Snookie, I might actually start watching the show again. But let's face it, Ronnie, Sammie, and JWoww are a total snoozefest, so let's get rid of them too! Keep Vinny and Pauly, and bring in 5 new people....

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