Jermaine Jones to Be Booted from American Idol

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Jermaine Jones is reportedly getting kicked off American Idol.

The finalist was already in trouble for lying about the status of his relationship with his father, according to TMZ, when producers dug deeper into his past and uncovered a couple more untruths:

He has a criminal history. Jones has been arrested twice, providing a fake name to police on both occasions. One of the incidents also involved violence, sources confirm.

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American Idol insiders say Jones will appear on tomorrow night's performance show, but will then be given the axe. It's unclear exactly how it will all go down.

Should Jermaine be kicked off the show?




i think he needs to be kicked off because when you sign up for american idol it asks if you have any criminal records. They're should be consequences of this because he lied to everyone and people who took the vote for him thought he was a really good singer and truthful and to lie covers all up the truth and some people have actually figured it out.


I agree with Christina Horne but I think the point here is that he Lied on the application. What bothers me is, don't they do back ground checks BEFORE allowing them on the show? This isn't the first time this has happened with a contestant so you would think Idol would figure this crap out before airing the show and then the person gets kicked off. It's sad because he has a really good voice and this show just may have been what he needed to get his life together.


They didn't bother to say how long ago these things happened. What's in the past is in the past. Leave it alone. Are they going to kick Steven Tyler off as a judge because of his use of drugs in the past? I don't think so, because it IS his past & he has turned his life around. Give this guy a break. Let him go on. He's good, but he probably won't make it into the finals anyway because there are others who are better singers than him. But let him have the chance.


Why kick him off the show i dont get it everyone in society has a past good bad or both doesnt matter its a past not present this is why we have soo many people in prison and teens goin to jail because we want to judge people on what they have done in the past instead of letting them have the chance to turn there life around i mean i would understand if they were serious charges but there not look at r kelly hes a rapest and still has cds sellin and music playin on the radio!!! Quick note to society get it togeather and give people a chance at a second life


hes supposed to be an idol... having a violent criminal past and being a liar is not what idols are made of


Everybody makes mistakes to get by, give him a second chance to redeem himself and come clean...


what he did is in the past,let him do what he wants and that is to sing.why do people always believe everything they see is beyond me.just saying




This is what pop stars do! They get arrested, they lie to the police. What makes this kid any different from those that have already become famous? Leave him alone - we all make mistakes when we are young - he shouldn't have to pay for his past with his future.

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