Jermaine Jones to Be Booted from American Idol

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Jermaine Jones is reportedly getting kicked off American Idol.

The finalist was already in trouble for lying about the status of his relationship with his father, according to TMZ, when producers dug deeper into his past and uncovered a couple more untruths:

He has a criminal history. Jones has been arrested twice, providing a fake name to police on both occasions. One of the incidents also involved violence, sources confirm.

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American Idol insiders say Jones will appear on tomorrow night's performance show, but will then be given the axe. It's unclear exactly how it will all go down.

Should Jermaine be kicked off the show?


Hey, if he gets the axe and he has talent another big singer will pick him up!!!


I don't think he should be kicked off... but HE DID LIE... so, that's the part that bothers me more. I think people deserve 2nd chances and he's had his... At least he's been on the show and has had some notoriety ... If he's that talented, someone will sign him.... I don't think he could have EVER won IDOL though... He's just not that great - I find his voice a little annoying.


Idol is getting really, really, OLD. The talent is getting worse and worse every year. Here is a solution: Eliminate IDOL, Eliminate Carson Daly from The Voice, and Ryan Secrest is the new host of The Voice. Or there is an opening at The X-Factor...HA, HA, HA


I loved Jermaine. If you look at rappers and other artists who have made it in the business, Jermaine looks like a saint. He had one of most unique bass voices in years. I will miss him terribly.


His past is his past. Let him be. He is trying so hard to have a better life. Let him keep singing. American Idol is all about the talented singer, not what they did in their past. If the producer cut him because of his past, then the producers are just stupid. Let his past be just that, his PAST. Do I need to repeat that? Some people do not get it. Leave him alone. He is a talented singer in the PRESENT, not the PAST. Do you understand now??


This is American Idols fault. Why allow someone who doesn't meet their requirements to get so far into their journey? They have rules in place, if people don't like them or meet the criteria that's too bad. Talk about doing this backwards. If this type of criminal history is such a deal breaker in their books, then they should not waste
everybody`s time.


Well when all of our state and goverment officials get fired for lying, stealing and whatever else then maybe he should be kicked off!! Just saying


American Idol is suppose to be about the singing not the persons private life. This could change his life for the better, and he should be given a chance. Let the people know about this, and then they can decide for themselves if he should be voted off or if he's voice takes him past this to continue. Isn't that what this show is suppose to be about?


Some people just want a chance to show they got talent! They don't want to live in the past they just want a new beginning! Let the mans talent speak for it's self!


Most of our celebrities and singers rappers today have criminal records. So if someone like jermaine be booted becoz of past records then. Celebrities singers and rappers with criminal records or any violation of the law should be fired and nver be a celebrity again for the sake of our people trying to be like them and do things that destroys their body and mind. Its all about singing the past is the past. Jermaine jones join american idol to turn his life around. How can he move on when people dig up his past. Give him a break. So what if he doesnt want to give his teal name. Many celebrities dont use their real name. Any celebs that breaks the law should be treated equally with any other prisoners in jail. That means no tv, snacks and comfy bed and pillow. Becoz they never learn anything if you keep treating them like kings and queens. Boot off singers that cant really sing Be Fair Or Shut Down AI!!!!!!!

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