Jermaine Jones Criminal History: Revealed, Ugly

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As previously reported, Jermaine Jones will be cut from American Idol tonight - and now we have a much clearer idea why.

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The 6'8" finalist is reportedly anything but a gentle giant, as TMZ has uncovered details from his March 5, 2011 arrest.

It stemmed from an incident at a Howard Johnson hotel in New Jersey, where Jones gave police a phony name and was charged with public nuisance and obstruction of justice, while also possessing outstanding warrants.

Then, on 11/27/11, Jones gave cops a different fake name when the car he was riding in got pulled over. In this case, he was booked for hindering apprehension and giving false information to avoid self-discovery, while - again - having outstanding warrants in his (real) name.

Moreover, sources say Jones has been "very aggressive" behind the American Idol scenes, once yelling at a staff members over his wardrobe selection.

Still, despite his past transgressions, it's conceivable Jermaine could have remained on the show if he had just been up front. Instead, he swore to producers that his record was clean.

Honesty, readers. It remains the best policy.


I don't believe it was necessary to have the confrontation done with everyone in the world watching. This was an attempt to get higher ratings, their way of cashing in on someone's misfortune. How sad a world that we live in, when we need to humiliate someone in order to gain something for ourselves. Yes, the kid should have come clean but it's not necessary to humiliate the daylights out of him to prove this point-and gain notiarity in the meantime....IDIOTS!


What does his Momma has to say now....she lied sick was that guy from the beginning...but it is such a great TV to see this moron facing his apparent inability to function as an adult and never being able to let go of his Momma's skirt...on a live TV...America's most wanted needs to follow this show...A-hahahahahaha...he is so stupid.
His singing sucked so bad!! really really bad!!


It is not the first time it's happening. Remember Frenchie Davis, Corey Clark and Trenyce though, thank God, they let her go on with the show. Think it's sad because the guy had a chance to redeem himself. Has he killed somebody? No? So why don't give him a chance... A real one...I don't like this A.I. politic... I prefer The Voice or The X Factor... Nigel Lythgow and his alikes are vieux jeu. Dépassé. John Wayne Vice Squad. They have shown also a lot of homophobic colors in the past... Clay Aiken, Vanessa Olivarez and Adam Lambert, for instance, got out of the closet AFTER the show was completely over. Who are they to judge?
If contestants have talent and are liked by the public, why be so judgemental... My opinion.


I wondered if he might have a little mental retardation goin on upstairs too.. Last night when he was explaining the situation to the producers, it didn't make much sense, and he didn't seem to grasp what exactly was goin on.. IMO, hes a little "throwed off"


He sucked.


I loved and still love Jermaine's voice and personality. I do not know what to believe until he speaks out many people can have warrants for the silliest things. I will not judge or incriminate until I hear the full story. Love you Jermaine!!


This goes out to Jermaine I am very sad this happen to you but don't give up on this! I am a fan of yours and I feel that you would been right in the top 10 American Idol's. This is not any more then America Beauty Pagent finding out later in life they posed in a Playboy Magazine and had to give their Crown up. Yes Jermaine should of told the truth about himself. He dose have some things that he has to put together to clear him. All I have to say is I loved your Deep Voice very different for the judges to hear and work with. Jermaine don't think know one like you or didn't have friend's just put yourself together and get help and Music/ Singing someone will find you and will work with you but you will have to change some with your attitude if you really want this to happen to you. Singing Career isn't easey for anyone it takes alot of work I mean hard work everyday. I will be looking for you in a Album someday,Dreams are made if only you want it Jermaine!


I am sad aboud jermaine being kicked off but sconce he had a criminal record I understand 😔but why did you have to lie jermaine u were one of my favs and I bet u were some other people's 😞💔😰😥😖😓


@ AnaOK The cowboy hurt him in that excited moment, I'd have been pissed too. I thought he handled that pretty well not knocking the guys block off. He seemed nice enough to me, but i can say from experience you never know who people really are. Anyone can act sweet if they want to.


This is sad...

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