Jermaine Jones Criminal History: Revealed, Ugly

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As previously reported, Jermaine Jones will be cut from American Idol tonight - and now we have a much clearer idea why.

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    I think with this young singer's talents he could achieve great thing in the music industry. Wouldn't it be nice for someone to pick him up dust him off - give him a break and start all over again. If he wants to succeed, he will do all of that for himself, when he realizes he has something to offer to the world. But first- Everyone, needs a help up sometimes till they find there own way. He mad a bad choice when he didn't disclose, but perhaps that was motivated by not being accepted at all, Not a reason for deceit, but maybe an explanation.
    As for the filming of his demise, I think that was in bad taste for A.Idol. My first instinct was that it was for publicity, sensationalism. Then I decided it was just bad taste for the cameras to be rolling, and at the ready when he left the theatre, etc.


    Come on warrants does not mean past...this is his future...if he shows up using his real name! What is this world coming to when you turn a blind eye to injustice. This guy wasn't good enough for this show and his character is showing that. What a tangled web we weave once we start to deceive.


    Anyone who thinks this guy should not be arrested is nothing more than a criminal himself.


    It was unfortunate that Jermaine was dismissed.not going to judge him for his past.he should have told them about the events from last year.i must say it was very distasteful of American Idol to video and then air the interview on tv.Could have been done differently.he is not the 1st to be dismissed and i dont believe any other contestant thst has been dismissed was dne this way.


    Never bought his act anyway. He didnt give a fukk if his mom was proud of him. Pathetic douche


    I think he should of Vernon American idol still, he had a good voice, forget about the criminal record


    Why is everyone so sympathetic to this guy. I think what Idol producers did was really fair and just. This moron embarrased them by not disclosing his past. They had a right to publicly eploit him by giving him the boot. I thought he was a shady character right from the start. Worried so much about letting his mama down. What do you think of your boy now??? PS: I was hoping he would win some idol money so he could buy his mama some teeth. Lol...loser!!!!


    You know, he lied about his father to gain sympathy votes. Karma is a b!tch. Perhaps he should have never lied about that?! Either way, I thought he was terrible. WAY too much amazing talent that left and he got the save?! I mean, really?!


    I hope in spite of his run ins with the law someone gives this young man a chance. He has a wonderful talent & voice that needs to be explored further. Maybe Opera or Classical

    The way they confronted him was a totally unecessary..No need to have caused him that kind of embarrassment


    You know what...I JUDGE based on today... This is a singing compitition, not a popularity contest or a criminal line up...He should have told them the truth and explained why the debt remained unpaid...but I also understand he knew they would never have accepted that. AGAIN..This is about his voice..not his past..I disagree with his being kicked off...

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