Jennifer Lopez Defends Casper Smart as a "Good Egg"

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They've been spotted out in public, and they've exchanged loving Tweets, but Jennifer Lopez hasn't said much about her much younger boyfriend, Casper Smart. Until now.

In the April issue of Vogue, the American Idol judge glows over her back-up dancer of a man, telling the magazine:

"He's adorable. But you already see that. He really is [sweet]. He's a good egg. I don't want to talk about it too much. It's my private thing."

Jennifer Lopez in Vogue
Jennifer Lopez Vogue Cover

But what about that age difference of 18 years?

"I don't feel older, and I don't feel like I look it, either, so I am just acting the same way I have always acted," she says.

As for that public split from Marc Anthony? J. Lo adds that she's "proud" of how both sides have handled it and points to their children as the basis for their continued respect and friendship.

"We're still friends - and we're parents. But it's going to take time.. It's tough. But for the most part, I feel very proud of the way we’re handling it. I really do. We are doing the best we can for the kids."


Men do this all the time and she rich an successful and she can do like these men do out may be alittle strange because the of he age difference and lack of compassion for her previous relationship but who isn't in hollywierd.....if u can do it then why not.....Jlo is a phenomenol woman...continue to hate...hataz

Avatar's Jo.L's private "thing". We should feel privileged she chose to even share it with us--the common public! Ha!


She's a 42 year old woman with a husband, young children, how does she not have enough sense to see how weird this is?


Jlo wants a baby Girl out of Casper Smart to take over her Queen Latina thrown. That's cute.


Fame is the Name of the Game!!
Jennifer Lopez may (temporarily)look appealing on a magazine cover or walking The Red Carpet, but in all honesty, I can easily believe that only a few women would want her reputation. Ms.Lopez does Not give time for the ending words of a relationship before she is "involved again" with someone New, some-body, any-body. It's like the previous relationship didn't mean anything,and on to the Next conquest. It's (almost) like she is afraid of being alone for the sake of being alone to rediscover herself without a partner. It can Not be easy for her 2 children to have to adapt to a New man who is Not their father, so that their mother can continue to sow her wild oats while still trying to be The Belle of the Ball and on constant display. Jennifer may be older than Kim K., but they are both from the same attention seeking playground!!


haters pls stay away from jlo.its her life,,dts hollywood for u.if she flirts around 20 men,its none of ur buziness. Pls get busy with sth else.she is one of d most talented celebrity among her mates.she acts,she sings,she designs,she models,she dances,she's a presenter.infact she is a genius. U only envy her cos u dnt av d chance she's got....fuck off haters


@Neci, You said it exactly. Most women do that in your face thing when they don't feel attractive. She is just enjoying her new play thing. It will grow old and she will throw him away.


@Gina, Neci, Katy, Sarah &Sandy...
That is EXACTLY how I feel!!! She should be ashamed for stringing that lil boy around! He's what...a few months older than her kids?! And she's treating him as such. Letting him play dress up, riding in big toys, going on outings when he's been good.
And you'd think she'd have learned a lesson! Look what happened when she dated and married her last "back up" dancer...Crisis Judd? She had to pay that son-of-a-bitch $25 million for less than 5yrs marriage! I think Jennifer is a wonderful dancer-horrible singer and a horrible actress-but I believe that she is an example of no matter how much you have, you can still be the most insecure person in the world. It's sad.


J are gorgeous with a great body, nice skin. Famous. Great entertainer. But, stop the nonsense. For you to say that you don't feel any older than when you were a 24 year old fly girl..and you don't look any older? Seriously? Seriously? I'm starting to think you need mental help...seriously.


I don't see how JLO is considered as so "great" by the media, and hops from one lover to the next as fast as she does. She went from Ojani Noa to P.Diddy, to Chris Judd, to Ben Affleck, to Marc Anthony, to Casper Smart. Most women who have dignity and respect for themselves would not be intimate with another man that soon after coming out of an intense relationship.

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