Jenna Talackova, Transgender Beauty Pageant Contestant, Disqualified from Miss Universe Canada

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A new beauty pageant scandal has broken out, but this one has nothing to do with naked photos or a contestant's stance on gay marriage.

Jenna Talackova - a 23-year old who was born a man, but who underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of 19 - has been disqualified from Miss Universe Canada because, according to a statement from the organization, she does not "meet the requirements to compete, despite having stated otherwise on her entry form."

Producers added that they do respect Talackova's "goals, determination and wish her the best."

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"I am very disappointed with the decision taken by the Miss Universe ... organizers," Talackova said in a statement released today. "However, I will look to turn this situation into a positive so that other people in a similar situation are not discriminated against in the future."

Denis Davila, the director of the event, says there are rules in place that make it clear one must be born a woman in order to compete. Jenna, he says, indicated on her original registration that she was female, only to later explain her unusual situation.

Reactions to the decision have been mixed with over 20,000 signatures on a petition to reverse the pageant ruling.

What do you think? Should Talackova have been disqualified?


Yes,he will be disqualified because they lie.and besides only born as woman should compete the Miss Universe.


If Jesus was transgender, this wouldn't be an issue to them.


If Jesus was transgender, this wouldn't be an issue.


I dont know whats worse, people who are ignorant and dont know any better or people who wave Bibles to get their point across! What if she was born with a penis and female internal parts? God meant her to be both? No, it was just something that happened. God cant control everything that happens when babies are formed! I think hes a tad busy. So get your prejudiced opinions out of the dark ages and climb down off the pedestal. God meant for us to be different. You would know that if you werent beating so hard on that Bible, he teaches love and acceptance. Remember the lepers? Let HER participate! They are just afraid shes gonna win!


It's 2012, not 1960. What's the big deal here. It's just a frivolous pageant. Loosen up folks.


She is SOO pretty! I'm a girl and I'm actually that jealous of her, she's stunning!


In the name of JESUS please help "omg" poster to realize that some infants are born with physical contradictory sex characteristics. Such as a penis, and ovaries and everything else about that person seems female and this is just one example of many. I don't think we should assume these people are merely confused since physical contradictions are present in some people, not a far stretch to believe psychologically such things can happen.


In the name of JESUS please help these people , they are so confused . It dont matter if this person felt like being awoman this person which was born with a penis decided to get it removed to be a woman , you can change how you look but remember you will always be how you were born , A MAN . And CHAz Bono will always be a female. GOD does not make mistakes the devil makes people think otherwise .


SHE is stunning!
No good has ever come from stupid beauty pageants. They are all about commercialism and degrading women. One "lucky" winner gets to be all hoity-toity for a year, scholarships, gifts, etc. But guess what, little girls all over the world think they have to be "hottie's" on the outside in order to succeed. It's some male chauvinist pig's idea of making money.
Regardless, this woman is gorgeous! Don't think twice about the stupid contest. You are brave and should hold your head high....higher than the pageant winner by far....God bless!


Fabaccio: EXACTLY!!

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