Jenelle Evans: Arrested For Cyber-Stalking!

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A back-and-forth fight over dueling claims of cyber-stalking landed troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans behind bars Monday ... for the third time this year.

Yes, three arrests in 2012. It's March 6.

Jenelle, 20, turned herself in to North Carolina authorities after a warrant was issued for her arrest on Friday. Evans was released after only about half an hour, and did not have to post bond, but she did have yet another smiling mug shot taken:

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot (March 2012)

Evans' arrest was in connection with a cyber-stalking claim brought by her former boss James Duffy ... just weeks after Evans accused Duffy of the same crime.

Jenelle filed cyber-stalking charges in January against Duffy, who allegedly posted party photos of Evans online, along with her address and cell phone number.

Then Evans' ex-roommate, who was living with Duffy, had her arrested in connection with making harassing and threatening phone calls against them both.

Only six days later, Evans was arrested again for violating a domestic violence restraining order ... everybody got all that? Which brings us to yesterday:

Jenelle's latest arrest on Monday comes more than a month after the January arrests, and her lawyer claims the charges are entirely motivated by spite.

"These are the first allegations by Duffy against her, and these charges are completely retaliatory in nature," Evans' attorney told Us Weekly afterward.

Cyber-stalking is a type of harassment claim.

In general, a victim must show a compelling pattern of harassment via the Internet, email, text messages, or other means of electronic communication.

A cyberstalking conviction can result in a restraining order, probation, or even criminal penalties against the assailant, though proving it is often difficult.

Evans remains on probation for her role in a separate 2011 assault in which she beat the ever-loving crap out Britany Truett in a fight over Kieffer Delp.

She now faces a March 23 court date for the cyberstalking charge.


If you dont want to be judge dont put ur business out to the world to see! She needs to get more help and grow up and be a mother to her son! Its not her mother job to be jace's mother its her job to be a grandmother! At some point in time u have to be responsible for ur actions!


I believe people should judge her cause maybe she will change. Cause some day jace will see the show on the internet and see what kind of mom she was. Come one did any of u see her on 16 And pregnant. Sshe is a dead beat. I am a mom and wouldn't do any of it and being young is no excess yeah we all make mistakess and learn from but she keeps making the same ones over and over. And its just not her whos a dead beat mom any mom who puts herself first is a dead beat mom. And the people who r saying dont judge her do u have kids probably not. Am i right? And anyways she isnt the only one people judge on the show. And when ur on a show like that and act like that ur asking to be judged


I love Jenelle. She will eventually grow up but honestly this behavior is pretty normal from a teenager. Hopefully she can someday be the mother Jace needs.


I just think Janelle is living her life free of responsibility and does what she thinks is normal. She and Barbara have never had a great relationship so she's always felt like she needed attention elsewhere and so this is where she's ended up. I only feel bad for Jace because he had no choice to be brought into this crazy world. Eventually she will snap out of it and figure out her priorities. I just hope it isn't too late for a mother/son relationship to form between Jace and herself.


Grow up and stop following after kiefer he is a man not a boy. You send more time with him then your son. I love you on the show but time to grow up.


I agree with Rachel we r not ones that should be judging her. She knows what her responsibilities are and with thats said the show sure is fun to watch but in reality, its all for show


we have to remember that we all make mistakes and that is a part of growing up some people have a harder time dealing with past events in their life which could explain her drug abuse plus she is young and hasn't hit rock bottom yet and when she does i believe there will be a big change in her plus her being bipolar doesnt help i do not think she is a bad person just that she is in with the wrong crowd and wants to be accepted at any cost i m sure she feels lonely and i just don't think people should call her nasty names and i believe she cares for her son and feels her mom is a better caretaker then she could be right now.


It just shows what means more to her. Her mom needs to stop taking care of her kid to that might show her that its her responsibility. I'm lucky if I get one night away every 3 months. I can relate a lot to her but one thing I could never do is give my kid up. She's even gettin spoon fed for everything. She knows how to better her life and has an opportunity to do just that and not worry bout anything else


For the people that say don't judge her...she's been arrested how many times? And she doesn't even have custody of her son because her mom and the courts realise she's irresponsible and can't be a mother to her son.
She needs to be judged and she needs to stop getting the easy way out! This girl needs to be in jail for her offenses and her mom needs to stop letting her live with her. Show her that being an irresponsible dead beat doesn't get you anywhere! I'm a mother and my son is the most important thing in my life! Grow up Janelle and be a mother and a mature adult!


be a mother to Jace, Maybe u will stay outta trouble.

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