Jason Russell Meltdown Caused By Exhaustion and Dehydration, Wife Claims

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Kony 2012 filmmaker Jason Russell’s wife Danica is blaming her husband’s “irrational” naked public meltdown on “extreme exhaustion and dehydration.”

NOT alcohol, stunningly.

Danica Russell issued a statement addressing Jason Russell's naked freak-out, which allegedly included vandalizing cars and masturbating in public:

“Let us say up front that Jason has never had a substance abuse or drinking problem, and this episode wasn’t caused by either of those things."

NOTE: Wouldn't you want to blame it on one or the other? Just to explain it away as a one-time thing, however embarrassing, and move on?

"But yes, he did irrational things brought on by exhaustion and dehydration.”

The filmmaker’s wife said the scrutiny Jason Russell received after his now-infamous film about alleged warlord Joseph Kony went viral took a toll on him.

“While the attention raised awareness about Joseph Kony, it also brought much attention to Jason - and, because of how personal the [Kony 2012] film is, many attacks against it were also very personal, and Jason took them very hard.”

Russell allegedly was walking around an intersection wearing “speedo-like underwear.” He then removed the underwear and made "sexual gestures."

Several bystanders held Russell down until police arrived.

Police said they had received several calls about disruptions by an unidentified male, apparently Russell, though they did not publicly identify him.

“Several callers reported the male was wearing only underwear and running into the street,” said the statement released by San Diego police.

“One caller reported that the male had removed his underwear and was nude, perhaps masturbating, but that was not confirmed by responding officers."

"The callers reported the underwear-clad male was in the street, interfering with traffic, screaming, yelling incoherently and pounding his fists on the sidewalk. Several people tried to calm the male but he continued to act in a bizarre, irrational manner."

No charges were pending against the man, police said.


Who knows why he was behaving in such a manner. The important thing is it detracts from this cause he attempted to champion. It'll be interesting to see what happens to it in the coming months.


He looked gay to me. How can he be married?


He had a meltdown because he knows that what he is doing with this Kony nonsense is a complete fraud. I see prison time for this man in my crystal ball.


I dont' care what they say, he was on something !




The guy had a meltdown because he was apparently extremely stressed about being a homosexual. At least that's how it looks from the video. Woah.


Why is exaustion always the excuse for bad behavior? If it was that, every mother with a newborn would go stark raving mad on the streets naked every day! Just say he was loaded and at least seem credible! Next he will be at some facility "resting"


He looked like he was autistic, pacing and clapping. Since when does exhaustion and dehydration make you masturbate? He has some serious issues that need addressing.


METH abuse related meltdown..? it turns out he`s gay in disguise. one`s true self exposed by a meltdown

Wv peach

Mental instability; I cannot see how this type of behaviour is based upon dehydration.

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