James Duffy: Jenelle Evans is a Hard Ass Druggie!

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Jenelle Evans is still abusing drugs, according to a new tabloid report.

What a shocker that would be.

Her former boss and love interest, James Duffy, told Star magazine that he’s witnessed the 20-year-old Oak Island, N.C., native take "a plethora of illegal substances."

This despite the fact that she is on probation for possession of drug paraphernalia and has been ordered to stay clean ... which may just be a lost cause at this point.

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Duffy says he saw Jenelle Evans tripping balls on Ecstasy in November, and that she was drunk off her ass on another occasion, taking shots of E&J Brandy.

“Around 2 or 3 a.m. that night, she snorted something in front of me,” Duffy said.

He also claimed that Jenelle told him that she had taken drugs with Kieffer Delp, her troubled bad boy toy. Those two like(d) to experiment with Adderall.

“When they got ‘down,’ they would snort Adderall ‘to pick them up.’ Jenelle did so much that her heart was pounding really hard, causing her to freak out.”

Duffy claims that sometimes on a drug binge, Jenelle believed the Illuminati were “coming to get her,” but that she would take a Xanax and calm down.

All of this could mean jail time for Jenelle, if found she is in violation of her probation. However, she has yet to fail any additional drug tests. Additional.

Her attorney insists Jenelle has complied with probation requirements “not to violate any rules, stay clean, not test positive and do community service.”

Well, save for the whole arrest for cyber-stalking ... or harassment.

The attorney said Jenelle has passed random drug tests, but Duffy claims that the MTV star has figured out how to cheat on her required urine tests. 

“Jenelle explained to me that the way she does drugs is that it only stays in your system for two to three days," says her one-time friend/boss dude.

"She’ll do them on Friday knowing that she has to come in and do the test on Monday, because they schedule the days a week before,” he said.

“They’re pretty much saying, ‘We’re going to check you out then, so make sure you’re clean.’ They’re not random. That’s how she’s getting away with it.”


yea idk i call bs. First off this guy must do hard drugs too since he hung out with her and dated her so he probably has no room to talk. I only say that cuz most ppl who do no drugs are nt gona date and hang out wit a hard drug user. Also i doubt its nt random... I cud be wrong but usually they do randoms for the exact reason he said she was beating them. Cops are usually one step ahead. This guy jus wnts to be famous. Imo

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