Is Hollie Cavanagh the Next Carrie Underwood?

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The American Idol finalists did not make things easy on themselves last night.

Joshua Ledet covered Mariah Carey. Elise Testone tackled Led Zepplin. And Hollie Cavanagh dared to make the mistake that has haunted many contestants before her: she took on a single by an Idol icon; in this case "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood.

Cavanagh definitely has the chops to pull off the track, but it's impossible not to compare her to Underwood - the most successful competitor in the show's history - when watching/listening to the performance. Did Hollie do Carrie proud? Could you see her following in Underwood's enormously impressive footsteps?

Judge for yourself:


Hollie has a great voice and is very attractive. I have voted for her numerous times. My only complaint is the crappy songs that she chooses to perform. I really expected her to be sent home after her Carrie Underwood cover.


I Love Hollie Cavanag she has amazing phenomenal voice and she deserve to be the next AI. She has it all! I also love how classy she looks. Goodluck Hollie C!


Hollie was great, and Carrie loved it too!


whosethewinner sounds just like judy haffner from alaska... same type of answer, etc.\
Jessica is fantastic for a young girl.


I like Hollie a lot, and she is very talented, but i still think it is going to be Jessica Sanchez who will win A.I...Joshua Ledet also has a good chance....Here's hoping it's a woman this season...the top 5 should be: Jessica, Hollie, Joshua, Colton, and Phillip Phillips;;; even thou i can't stand Phillips; i don't get what all the hype is about this dude....he looks like he hasn't taken a shower in months, looks like a slob, and to me as no talent...don't like him.....


Was fortunate enough to be at the live show... Hollie's performance was phenomenal ... The tone of her voice is truly amazing; she definitely should be one of the front runners or even the next Idol ..

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