Heejun Han Gets Goofy, Slammed on American Idol

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Steven Tyler was NOT amused by Heejun Han on American Idol last night.

The season 11 finalist chose to clown around throughout his performance of Billy Joel's "My Life," starting by telling the band to speed it up and then prancing around on stage, making faces, dancing like a goofball in front of the judges' table.

“Are you happy that you took the piss out of that song?” Tyler asked after Han was done, adding: “The music business will kick your ass. Sometimes you gotta be a bit more serious.”

But does he? Could this be a schtick that appeals to viewers? Watch and then vote below:

What did you think of Heejun Han's performance?


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heejun is good at performing and entertaining, not in singing (compared to the other contestants)


I LOVE Heejun! He makes the show worth watching. I don't believe many of these teeny boppers will do much with this opportunity anyway...so might as well enjoy it! It's just a popularity contest, & I vote Heejun!


This guy is a clown who came every week trying to be funny instead of singing. What a joke!


Disrespect the song? If you respect it so much, then you can go build a shrine to its records. He didn't disrespect it, he reinvented it. It fits modern tastes. Classics are classics because people are able to take them and reinterpret them in their own ways. Music is an art, not an exact science. We respect the classics, but we like to reinvent things to fit our current tastes. It's not like Joel will be any less respected because of Heejun's performance, but Heejun will surely benefit for taking such a bold decision to remake that song.


Heejun was a joke last night. Obviously has no respect for Billy Joel, who is a classic artist. He made a mockery of a great song and the vocal was just completely off. He's going to get voted off tonight. Steven Tyler was dead on with his response. Then, did anyone catch the disrespect to Tommy Hilfiger. There's a point when you have to put the joking and witty comments away and take life seriously, its only his CAREER that's at stake here.


Basically Heejun told Amer Idol to shove it last night with his song choice and performance. Love it!


i like heejun is a great singer. i like his performance he is funny too


I don't know where Steven Tyler is coming from. HeeJun got me out of my chair and rocking with him and I think he did a great job in giving us Billy Joel attitude. Isn't that what an American Idol does? Inspire?