Heejun Han Gets Goofy, Slammed on American Idol

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Steven Tyler was NOT amused by Heejun Han on American Idol last night.

The season 11 finalist chose to clown around throughout his performance of Billy Joel's "My Life," starting by telling the band to speed it up and then prancing around on stage, making faces, dancing like a goofball in front of the judges' table.

“Are you happy that you took the piss out of that song?” Tyler asked after Han was done, adding: “The music business will kick your ass. Sometimes you gotta be a bit more serious.”

But does he? Could this be a schtick that appeals to viewers? Watch and then vote below:

What did you think of Heejun Han's performance?


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Here's the deal: Heejun is a good singer. not as good as some of the other contestants, but he's good. not great. The reason I like him is becuase he's humble, and he's entertaining. Everyone who has said mean things about him should be ashamed, he seems like a really nice person. I don't know that I would want him to win, though, because I don't know that a record deal would be good for him; I think it would flop. I would like to see Colton win because he is an amazing artist and songwriter, and would be an amazing recording artist.


Yup, Heejun's funny, makes d show worth watching, but he shld still take d judges' advice n improve on his vocals. Good vocals + entertaining makes a good artiste, remember Michael Jackson? he entertains n sings well.


Steven Tyler needs to lighten up a bit..His shtick is to flirt with the young girls...HeeJun is young,cute and knows how to sing, and ..how to appeal to the young girls....Perhaps Steven's time for that is long gone...Steven's negative attitude only makes us want to vote for HeeJun again and again...HeeJun is like a breath of fresh air...


HeeJun is not the best singer and we all know it, but quit knocking him, he will not last to the end, or middle, but he is entertaining and he can sing, he did during the try outs and hollywood week, he just has not done very well the 2nd and 3rd week. I like him. he wont win. but it does not deserve the rudeness from us all. and I dont think he was disrespectful of the song, I just think he was having fun with it.


Oh my! It's William James Hung Hing Cheong (Season 3) all over again!!! Heejun will remain on Idol this season as long as people keep voting for him. His singing is fair at best, and his clowning around is really getting old. He isn't even original or funny. He acts like an adult who has ADHD or something. We are embarrassed for him. Maybe the producers of Idol needed (or wanted) to have a Rodeo Clown go on tour this summer. It's all about making money! :)


I like his performance yesterday, maybe he joked around a bit too much some people might found his comments offensive, but regarding the performance, he was just doing what he was asked to; be himself and go upbeat, didnt he?


Hey what? oh that guy, heejun. May be funny but this is not a contest about comedy. Its about singing and thats the bottom line. Heejun is a mediocre singer at best!!


http://www.votefortheworst.com... at this site..he will move on and on..And maybe Jessica Sanchez will be eliminated because of him..hxx


I don't think he deserves in the competition .anyone who voted for him,must think again about the meaning of this competition .i know he don't do anything wrong for anyone to judge..but like he say in the result night.you see.To him,this competition for him is just a game .it doesn't important to him,so let vote for the right ones .dont say Tyler is a jerk.i think he say very right.he renews the song in wrong way ,lack of respect...think erika shoud be voted and shouldn't go home..but poor for her ..she sings well and go home.HEE JUN do bad ,just act like comedian and someone told that entertain..and let him go on..I THINK IF SIMON COWELL JUDGEs IN THIS SEASON,HEE JUN ISN'T IN HERE SO LONG LIKE IT.


I think he is very entertaining and Steven Tyler is the jerk who does not understand the young generation. Keep it up. we want to see him again and again!

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