Heejun Han: Did He Turn It Around?

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Heejun Han made a fool of himself on American Idol last week, at least in the critical eyes of Steven Tyler. He laid in to this finalist for not taking the opportunity seriously.

So, did Han learn from his mistake on the top 9 performance show?

He sang a version of "Song for You" this week and somehow earned a standing ovation for the effort, with Tyler telling Han he "turned it around" and J. Lo giving him props for a "beautiful vibrato."

We guess? Heejun is clearly not Phillip Phillips, but there's room for diversity on Idol. Although... will that continue to be the case after tonight? Can Han really survive another cut? Watch his latest audition as we await his fate:

Miley fakes

a singer he is!!! the heejun!!


Losing Heejun tonight is a BIG loss for American Idol. He chooses the best songs. He has such a beautiful tone, and voice. He's smart, and so real with a big heart. Steven Tyler doesn't get him. Now the show will be boring with a few mediocre voices still in the running. Really disappointed tonight!


Heejun has so much heart and a genuine quality about him. I love this song and think that he did a more soulful version than Elliot Yamin did a few years back which I also liked.


He did it! He showed everybody why he deserves to be there. I have been his fan from the beginning. His voice is beautiful, masculine, and pure. I love his tone. If he sings so nicely without any training or experience, imagine how fantastic he will be in the future. I love his style and personality. All my votes were for him. So happy to see him succeed!!


Too little, too late. Flimsy excuses for not sincerely and deeply appreciating this phenomenal opportunity. Auf wiedersehen. You are OUT! (Wrong reality show, right phrase.)


Yes he's amazing better than most on there!!! I'll quit American idol if he leaves now!!!!!


I think he gavtye his ALL just was not enough

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