Grand Jury to Hear Trayvon Martin Case, Mull Charges Against George Zimmerman

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Trayvon Martin's girlfriend, who was on the phone with him before the unarmed teen was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, will testify before a grand jury.

The grand jury will be impaneled April 10 to determine if Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain, should be charged with murder, according to reports.

The Trayvon Martin case gained national attention after he was gunned down by Zimmerman, who felt he was acting suspiciously in his gated community.

Martin was unarmed, and even though a 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman not to pursue Martin, he subsequently shot the teenager, claiming self defense.

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To the outrage of many, local law enforcement in Sanford, Fla., declared that there wasn't enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with a crime in the February killing.

Amid public outcry, the Florida State Attorney's Office has since announced that a grand jury would ultimately decide if he should face criminal charges, however.

The FBI and the U.S. Justice Department have also launched investigations.

The 17-year-old Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend, whose name has not been released because she's a minor, as Zimmerman began to follow him.

Sanford Police never questioned Trayvon's girlfriend, even though her parents contacted the cops to tell them she wanted to come in for a full interview.

A grand jury will now give her that chance to tell her side of the story.

"Trayvon's girlfriend has been told that the (Fla.) State Attorney's Office has prepared a subpoena for her to appear in front of the grand jury," a police source said.

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Jr. temporarily stepped down from his position Thursday, after he came under fire for not arresting Zimmerman in the case.

Zimmerman called 911 46 times in 2011, according to records. Not a single one of those calls resulted in an arrest or further action being needed by police.


The media is more interested in making the News rather than reporting it. If the kid was Black and Shot by another Black " for any reason" you people wouldn't even be reading or TALKING about this! Al Sharpton is nothing more than a Racist Attention seeker! Tell me people- would you be crying RACISM is the Victim was a white and the defendant was Black? Would you even notice or has this " type crime" become such a " HO Hum" activity that's it's become a way of life! Weak minded people you are!


Police not place


I agree with all of you. This is the problem however, if you push them to press charges they may not stand up in court. obviously they are a corrupt police department who do not have their act together. This will create a problem! I guarantee the place are keeping tabs on his whereabouts he can run but not hide


I am pleased to read that something is now being done about this heinous crime. This child should not be dead now. Rest in Heavenly Peace, Trayvon.....


Is Zimmerman going to sit back and wait until April 10th??
I doubt very seriously if this Neighborhood Watchdog is going to be sitting around waiting to be arrested. This trigger happy man on the streets (still armed with a gun) will have all kinds of opportunities
to get out of Dodge if he hasn't already. I would Not be surprised if Zimmerman is No longer at the address that he was living before he went on his rampage.
I can easily believe that the support of the public has been an inspiration to Trayvon's parents who continue to be humbled with a sense of grace and dignity through all of their sadness.
@ THG,
Thank you for the continued updates on this important Newsworthy story. PEACE!!


This story makes me absolutely sick.. Clearly big bad bitch Zimmerman made Trayvon feel threatened. There was no reason to kill him. Ugh I hope he gets locked up for a longgggggggg time. Screw you Zimmerman... Racist piece of shit.

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