Grand Jury to Hear Trayvon Martin Case, Mull Charges Against George Zimmerman

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Trayvon Martin's girlfriend, who was on the phone with him before the unarmed teen was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, will testify before a grand jury.

The grand jury will be impaneled April 10 to determine if Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain, should be charged with murder, according to reports.

The Trayvon Martin case gained national attention after he was gunned down by Zimmerman, who felt he was acting suspiciously in his gated community.

Martin was unarmed, and even though a 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman not to pursue Martin, he subsequently shot the teenager, claiming self defense.

George Zimmerman Mug Shot
Trayvon Martin Photo

To the outrage of many, local law enforcement in Sanford, Fla., declared that there wasn't enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with a crime in the February killing.

Amid public outcry, the Florida State Attorney's Office has since announced that a grand jury would ultimately decide if he should face criminal charges, however.

The FBI and the U.S. Justice Department have also launched investigations.

The 17-year-old Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend, whose name has not been released because she's a minor, as Zimmerman began to follow him.

Sanford Police never questioned Trayvon's girlfriend, even though her parents contacted the cops to tell them she wanted to come in for a full interview.

A grand jury will now give her that chance to tell her side of the story.

"Trayvon's girlfriend has been told that the (Fla.) State Attorney's Office has prepared a subpoena for her to appear in front of the grand jury," a police source said.

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Jr. temporarily stepped down from his position Thursday, after he came under fire for not arresting Zimmerman in the case.

Zimmerman called 911 46 times in 2011, according to records. Not a single one of those calls resulted in an arrest or further action being needed by police.


On Nancy Grace I hear from Zimmerman's longtime friend he had a gash on the back of his head and a broken nose. It sounds like poor Trayvon fought to the end. What was he to do lay there while someone has a gun in his chest??


The new reports coming out now regarding a witness and possibly more is making me even more curious. I think maybe there is more there than meets the eye. Self-defense is a real possibility here..if so? Then no murder occurred and once again unfortunately we see the black community quick to judge someone of another race. I can tell by further news articles that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are trying to do this "retro-1960's Civil Rights" thing with this case. Sorry, but we need to move forward now and work toward a real POST-RACIAL era of which I'm afraid with the sitting President and the two I mentioned above plus Eric Holder will NOT happen! They will only make the situation worse. And I believe at this point it most certainly is their intent to do so. What does this achieve? It only drags us backwards. Obama is not a unifier, instead, he's a very divisive figure. Tragic, really.


@Curious, i will agree with you and yeah some of us have voice our opinion. But Reed, stupid ass buddies started the whole thing. I'm always going to stand up for these young kids that are being killed for no reason. Much love, is going out to the Trayvon Martin family.


I have been reading these comments here that have nothing to do with the actual article topic! Obviously there is a feud of sorts going on amongst two groups. I have to say after reading this stuff along with what's on a couple more articles about Trayvon Martin? It sounds like there's a long-time conflict going on. No resolve in sight. I get the impression you just like to argue for argue's sake. There's no real purpose here. Why?? What a waste of time! Just give your opinion on the article topic and get on with your lives. You all sound so stupid!


This dosn't make no damn sense! @reed, you and your kkk buddies need you all ass kick asap. Stop stalking these people on this site asshole.


I would go there anyday rather than your church. Westboro Baptist church. How do you let your children do your bidding? Sickening!


You (67) are seeing a whole team of psychiatrists aren't you. Your rubbish bores me to the point where I have to re-read it just absorb your message. Yes- you sound like a real church enthusiast. I'm going with the Church of Rev. Wright as being the place where you and yours congregate. I will 2nd that and carry on to less infected waters. You are a liar who can't keep her lies straight and you look ridiculous trying to do it.


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*I believe the public is tired of crime. It is one thing when there is a senseless killing, and quite another when *we find out that the person with the gun has *his version of the story told and is cleared to go on with his life and with his gun. It is another thing to find out that the mother of this child had to call and report her child missing before she found out that he might be the "young John Doe in the morgue" especially when he was within a few yards of home. I believe that the outrage of this tragedy led to the marching of peace across this country. It also comes from the fact that the city of Sanford,Fla. continues to shield Zimmerman instead of arresting him and having him to explain why he followed Trayvon Martin when he was adamantly told by the very people that he had called for advise, Not to follow him. Signing off on this topic!!


When I see the daily News, No matter the race when a person is killed,
there is usually a sense of outrage,grief, and shock, and anger. Regardless of the race of the child or adult who has been killed, the people in the community are left to deal with what has happened after the News reporters have left. Almost every day there is a story that get *our attention, and the anger and disappointment of communities who have been affected by crime and a senseless tragedy. * I will Not minimize the importance of each life. The difference in this story is so many people have personal stories associated with the actions of the police. *We can Not deny that proper procedures were Not followed in this particular case.

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