George Zimmerman's Brother: Medical Records Will Prove Attack By Trayvon Martin

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George Zimmerman's brother Robert spoke on Piers Morgan Tonight Thursday to say that George is innocent, his life was in danger after Trayvon Marin attacked him violently, and that medical records will prove his brother's injuries were real.

Robert Zimmerman Jr. spoke to CNN last night, saying he wanted to correct some of the "mythology" and untruths that have been spread about the case.

"We're confident the medical records are going to explain all of George's medical history," Robert Jr. said. "His nose is swollen in that video. I'm his brother."

George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, said he shot Trayvon Martin in self defense after the teen attacked him the night of February 26.

Martin, 17, was walking through the gated community back to the house of his father's fiancee, was wearing a hoodie in the rain and was unarmed.

Sanford, Fla., authorities say Zimmerman has not been charged because there are no grounds to disprove his account that he acted in self defense.

Critics say Zimmerman, who is half Hispanic, racially profiled Martin, who was black.

The shooting of Martin has sparked an intense national debate about race, leading to widespread debate. It was even addressed by President Barack Obama.

Like the POTUS, Robert Zimmerman Jr. also called the shooting a tragedy, however, he warned that some of the responses by the media and public have shown bias against Zimmerman and degraded the memory of the deceased.

"This is a tragedy. Her son was lost," he said. "I feel very badly about that and I want, in the end, not for [Martin's] memory to be seen as how we degraded our system and turned it into mob rule and went into a hate speech."

"Ultimately, we all wish that this was a different situation."

Wednesday, Zimmerman's father, Robert Sr., said that Martin threatened to kill him, broke his nose and beat him so badly to the point where his son had no choice but to act in self-defense. Robert Jr. told the same story.

"You return force with force when somebody assaults you. George was out of breath, he was barely conscious. There would have been George dead if he had not acted decisively and instantaneously in that moment when he was being disarmed."

Martin's family and legal experts have questioned the Zimmerman's family version after the recent release of surveillance videos from Sanford police HQ.

The George Zimmerman police video shows him with his hands cuffed, exiting a patrol car and being led into the police station. The video does not provide close-ups, but also does not show clear signs of injuries on Zimmerman.


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