George Zimmerman's Brother: Medical Records Will Prove Attack By Trayvon Martin

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George Zimmerman's brother Robert spoke on Piers Morgan Tonight Thursday to say that George is innocent, his life was in danger after Trayvon Marin attacked him violently, and that medical records will prove his brother's injuries were real.

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    Here is another example of the misleading media: "the video does not provide closeups, but also does not show clear signs of injuries on Zimmerman". If the video doesn't provide closeups, then how will you see any signs of injury? This is a tragedy, and I don't like the loss of any human life. What Zimmerman did was save his own. He has been treated very unfairly by most media outlets. One even altered the 911 call to make it appear as if Zimmerman was racist. Witnesses have recanted their stories since public anger grew because of bs media. Zimmerman could be any one of us with a firearm who is acting in self defense. If Zimmerman is sent to prison, it will be because of fear of mob retaliation by the legal system, especially the jurors. I was in disbelief when I found out that charges were being brought against him.


    Jules...I kinda knew it was too good to be true.......


    Ding Dong The witch is dead! I think the troll is gone. And the sun is back out! And people are smiling again! Love your avatar Tequilla. Hope you are having a wonderful day Neci.


    This issue started with Martin going about his lawful business, while Zimmerman was not. Zimmerman was the predator stalking Martin. If Martin punched Zimmerman in the nose, knocked him down and repeatedly slammed his head into the ground...then Martin would have been fighting in self defense, as is Martin's right. Zimmerman's self defense claim is false.

    Tequila911 go girl!

    @ tequila911

    One more thing: I get so sick of hearing Martin was being harassed, so he had to slam his head in the concrete and damned near kill him. If Zimmerman had tapped him on the shoulder and said "hello" what are you doing here? ...a thousand times..that doesn't give him the right to hurt Zimmerman. He damned near killed him. YOU JUST DON"T ATTACK SOMEONE LIKE THAT BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING FOLLOWED BY A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHMAN.


    @Julia, that nutt Reed/Texas dosn't have a job or a girlfriend. People like him have small bird brains and he is so full of racism.


    @Julia, that nutt Reed/Texas dosn't have a job or a girlfriend. People like him have brains and he is so full of racism.


    Ok so enough with the serious talk. I come here to unwind and I expect to be entertained! So Texas please get to it. Dance my little inbred racist troll-puppet! DANCE!


    Texas aka Emeraldcityshitter aka Etownbabe (whatever other aliases you are applying); I am an MSc student, not PhD yet but will get there one day God willing. If you are assuming that only PhDs submit dissertations you clearly havent been to college, after all it is often a requirement for undergrads in language departments. I wont hold that against you though, lots of smart people dont go to university. You are just not one of them.


    E-townBabe: Ola yo!
    Julie: Heya babe! Cheers! I hadda great weekened

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