George Takei Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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George Takei has been beamed out of Celebrity Apprentice.

After Donald Trump served up arguably the competition's most difficult challenge for the celebrity teams yet, the fan-favorite contestant became the casualty.

With a fashion-related challenge, the 0-for-2 women's team (which has two models as members) finally won their first challenge to get the zero off the board.

In the boardroom, Takei ended up paying the price.

George Takei Apprentice Pic

Sunday's assignment was to create two living window displays at Lord & Taylor to promote Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump's clothing line ... convenient.

The teams were judged in three areas: creativity, brand message and overall presentation. The women's team project manager? Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza.

The men's manager? Takei. The deck was stacked on this one.

The men spent a lot of time complaining about Takei's leadership (Clay Aiken even called his leader "slower") while the women's team benefited from Aubrey O'Day.

In addition to Mendoza leading the way, O'Day came up with the concept and took over a lot of the planning, helping key a demonstrative win for the females.

Takei brought Lou Ferrigno and Arsenio Hall into the boardroom, where both blamed his lack of leadership ... at which point George threw himself under the bus.

It wasn't exactly a surprise to see Takei fired at that point. Just sad.

Next week, Trump says he's firing two celebrities. Who should go next? What did you think of Sunday's episode? Were you sad/shocked to see Takei fired?


Hahaha not wanted? Its America you nimrod! Its my right to comment or form an opinion about anything I want. Just like its your perogative to whine about a blog's title. Anyhow the smartest thing for you to do is to quit getting your panties in a wad over Donald Trump. Its not like who was fired on the apprentice will matter in a week, month or year from now. Once again I am moved that you took time out of your evening to pay attention to Moi'. I'm touched!


Libertiesangel thank you for your input but it is not wanted. You are clearly not paying attention to the situation that I was intending to address with THG not YOU. so please stfu and keep your insults to yourself.


Ahh really?? I must have hit a nerve to illicit a response so quickly. Dear if the headline wasnt intriguing then why did you even look into the posting and post a comment? THG is doing a splendid job at catching your attention. Why don't you exert some self control and avoid celebrity blogs until your able to watch you coveted apprentice. Btw I'm amazed at your LackLuster vocabulary.


@libertiesangle-dont be a dick just for the sake of being a dick. Not once did I say that thg to "do their job". What I said was for them to not put results in headlines..if what your implying is that them putting "george takei fired from celebrity apprentice" is a riveting headline to "pull in the readers" then I believe that is an insult to their writers.
Also, like yourself, I like reading through my celebrity gossip sites any time I gd please thank you. What I was asking of the WRITERS (not YOU so I dont really understand why you had to put your "moronic" 2 cents in in the first place) is that they not put results of these types of shows into the headlines so that people could chose if they wanted to see these results or not yet...NOT for them to not write the article itself, but just to be considerate of people on alternate shifts..and I'm NOT the only one that has made these requests and I'm not just talking about this show in particular.
Thats all.


This is in response to Really???'s moronic comment. Ok so you don't want THG to do their job because your profession keeps you from watching Celebrity Apprentice at its scheduled time? How about not looking on here! Get a clue! It is their job to post Intriguing blog titles so that readers will (get this) READ IT! durh...


I dont watch. Trump is nuts!!


Oh my fing gee!!! I swear thg! Please for the love of god do NOT put results of ANY show in the gd headline!! I'm sick and fing tired of learning about who was kicked off on here before I'm able to watch the recorded show!! I work over night shifts so I am not able to watch the show live and its a HUGE gd disappointment when I see results as I'm reading through headlines! Stop! Please put spoiler alert or something like "who was fired on celeb apprentice?" In headline instead so people have the choice to find out


It either had to be Arsenio or George. Lou would have probably flipped over the table if he was eliminated.


Then Clay Aiken should be next, under that logic.


He was fired because he's gay. Trump is a bigot and a hater.