George Clooney Bails Himself Out of Jail

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George Clooney is a free man again.

After getting arrested this morning as part of a protest against the President of Sudan, the actor bailed himself out of a D.C. jail by forking over $100.

Overall, the Oscar winner was one of 15 people taken into custody after he refused to leave a protected area in front of the Sudanese Embassy, as he and others - including his father, Nick, a journalist - were trying to bring attention to a potential genocide in the African region.

Asked by reporters about his ultra brief stint behind bars, Clooney responded:

"Listen, what we've been trying to achieve today is we're trying to bring attention to an ongoing emergency... We hope people understand there really is a ticking clock on this and we need to get moving. There's been amazing progress at times. There've been some great strides, but on the other hand, there's an awful lot that's still going on."

Seriously, how can you not love this guy?

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George is beautiful person


in my point clooney is trying to show how much he is honest for humanity but he playing short game, he never look behind what his country doing casualties and genocide in midle east, also better to protest this self named democracy usa; that would prefered, be in mind im not against american civilian i love them.


Get a life clooney tunes. Help the guy you ignore every morning you drive by in your Bentley begging for money. Let him stay in your Italian castle and use your bidet then you'll impress the world. You're a poser like your friend brad.


I do love him! He is one sexy man and brilliant and now a humanitarian?