Finally! Angelina Jolie to Become Mrs. Brad Pitt! According to Tabloid!

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Gotta love supermarket tabloids.

For approximately the 384th time, we're being teased with the OFFICIAL confirmation of a Brangelina wedding! It's FINALLY happening, people! Or not really.

How did it come about? After a frosty period following a bitter argument, the tension between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has finally broken, according to OK! 

They would know, having manufactured the tension to start with.

Mrs. Brad Pitt!

The duo is once again planning to marry, the gossip publication says ... before the arrival of their twin boys. Yup, they're fake pregnant AND marrying!

"They simply had an amazing time Oscar weekend," says a supposed, nameless confidant, who adds that "since then, they've been madly in love."

After Angelina's leg-thrusting pose, how can they not be?

"The wedding was totally off: They were having so many arguments, but they've finally managed to bury their differences," explains the confidant, adding:

"Angie is expecting twins this fall, so it is a bit of a time crunch. They decided they'd both like to welcome their twin boys to the world as man and wife."

"This means the wedding has to happen fairly soon. They've both realized how much they want to be together, forever."

So they're getting married soon based on a fake pregnancy. Congratulations!!!!!!


Too bad...Brad seems a nice enough sort, but Angie promotes African genocide, but being a dumb celebrity, may not even realize it. Ask a real African: Credo Mutwa.


Can't wait to have a new Mr and Mrs Pitt. Angelina Jolie Pitt sounds sweet!


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the Rockefeller EUGENICS front CFR --and a high profile ambassador
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its narrator. It's entirely linked in and funded by the
deadly sinister Rockefeller-Gates EUGENICS borg. It is designed
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i don't believe it....until they say it themselves, i WON'T either....i DON'T think they should married, simply to make the kids happy....and i believe they WANT to wait until EVERYONE can marry. alisa


Who the heck cares? Why did I read this? Can't stand either one of them.


Eh. I'll believe it when I see it from Angelina and Brad themselves. Reports are the kids want them to, but they seem fine together without getting married. I almost hope they don't just to show you don't NEED to get married.


Hey 4everdreaming,you're just envious of people who are happy wonder you're bitter and Angie and Brad, all i can say is BRAVO! GO YE AND MULTIPLY..YOU ARE SO BLESSED BECAUSE OF YOUR KIND HEARTS...


Personally, I could care less about these two. Jolie is on a personal mission to populate the Earth on her own with little Branjolina's. How many will be enough? She is behind KONA in Africa where so many are dying and basically being crucified (genocide). But its a good thing according to her, she is nothing more than part of the elitist trash that turn their heads on you and I all the time. So what if she and Brad are getting married? I can only hope one day he will leave her the same way he did Jennifer. Jolie doesn't deserve him.


Another *FAIRYTALE*. I'll believe it ONLY when I see it on t.v. LIVE. Anything a TABLOID says FOLKS, one can't ever BELIEVE.Why would they want to WRECK what they have already accomplished with their family. TYING the knot, is like JUMPING off a CLIFF for any Hollywood couple.


Its about time. HAPPY!!

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