Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Who Should Play Christian and Anastasia?

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Amid word that E.L. James' best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey is being developed into a movie, speculation has already arisen as to who should play the leads.

The NSFW book's protagonist, Anastasia Steele, and her troubled, controlling man, 27-year-old millionaire Christian Grey, will surely be sought-after roles.

Which actor would best embody the young, attractive, tall, finely dressed character with "unruly dark-copper-colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes"?

Or the smoking hot seductress - she of the "vulnerable qualities" but "mahogany hair," "big blue eyes" and "flawless" skin - that he can't get enough of?

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Vote in our surveys to tell us who you think should play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey, and comment below with other ideas!

Who should play Christian?

Who should play Anastasia?


@ Jen you're soo right Matt Bomer is perfect for the role as well. he has got it all the dark the sweet and charming and just delicious!!!


I think Hemsworth and Lawerence would be ideal. They are older and more and exactly what the book describes!!!
Another truly ideal Christian is Kellan Lutz. But please lets leave Rob and Kristen with twilight.


Matt Bomer needs to be on that list - he's PERFECT!


Ugh, this story was a rip-off of the Twilight characters back when this story was shared (FOR FREE) for a Twilight Kink Fanfiction prompt. I cannot believe they allowed this story to be published! Let alone allow the author to make money off of characters that were already spoken for.
Since they insist on making people pay for the books and to watch this, they need to do what Act of Valor creators did, use REAL, unknown, experienced people for it instead of actors. I would rather see a real life couple who is experienced in the BDSM lifestyle rather than see some inexperienced actors fumble their way through something this important.


I picked Rob and Kristen, of course because chemistry like their it's hard to find, but I don't think they would do this


Oh god! If Robert and Kristen get it, it'll be Twilight all over again and I will have to kill myself.


For me, reading the series was never about the sexual relationship. It is a fantastic piece of fiction, the storyline is compelling and the characters, especially Christian are written with a lot of hypnotism and compassion. As you get further into the books, the dynamic between Christian and Ana changes, as Christian sees that he would rather have Ana than his addiction of controlling. Also, Ana begins to uncover layer by layer what has caused this disturbing hobby and the man that is Christian. Everyone keeps talking about the sex and that is initially the center but it is rooted far deeper than that into the mental and emotional. Also, because Christian is so wealthy the series floats through the world of the elite, which is also how Christian has been able to feed his addiction. Its one of the rare stories that focuses on the sex as something to be cured, instead of enjoyed as just smut. Please do not choose just a pretty face, the actors need to deliver emotionally.


I picked Rob & Kristen cause' they're chemistry is amazing on the big screen!

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