Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Who Should Play Christian and Anastasia?

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Amid word that E.L. James' best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey is being developed into a movie, speculation has already arisen as to who should play the leads.

The NSFW book's protagonist, Anastasia Steele, and her troubled, controlling man, 27-year-old millionaire Christian Grey, will surely be sought-after roles.

Which actor would best embody the young, attractive, tall, finely dressed character with "unruly dark-copper-colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes"?

Or the smoking hot seductress - she of the "vulnerable qualities" but "mahogany hair," "big blue eyes" and "flawless" skin - that he can't get enough of?

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Vote in our surveys to tell us who you think should play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey, and comment below with other ideas!

Who should play Christian?


Who should play Anastasia?


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i think that Colin Egglesfield is the best man to play that character, he has the look, charm and sex appeal, my disappointment is he is not even on the list to vote for.


I believe Zac Efron should play as Christian Grey in the "Fifty Shades of Gray" movies.


My picks for Christian is Henry Cavill and for Anastasia India Eisley or Alexis Bledel


From reading the book. Christian is a hunk! tall, gorgeous,Muscular and having a sexy physique. Kellan Lutz is the perfect person. He can be intimidating but has a subtle side as we see from Twilight. The movie should be kept as truthful to the novel as possible kellan is defiantely the Man for the Job. He is the only one, Man enough!

@ Stevesha Clarke

Colin Egglesfield is truly the only person i see that can play that character and make the movie a must see based on his sex appeal alone, he fits the description of the character in the book in every way.


Casper Van Dien should play Christian Grey or Stephen Amell. I know Matt Bomer is a favourite but although I love him in White Collar I think a lot of women would struggle to get past his real life sexuality and identify him as straight Christian Grey.


Im sorry Matt Bomer is gay , I wouldnt be able to take him serious as christian Gray knowing he likes men.


After reading book 1 and finding out that it was going to made into a movie, I did my research about the casting. I saw Matt Bomer and there he was...the Christian Grey I came to know in my head. Facial structure fractionally different and hair a little longer. God, he screams Christian Grey so he should definitely be considered, maybe even be chosen as the actor to play CG. If not, I swear, the movie will be a piece of crap~

@ Bryan

Matt Bomer is Gay, how could you imagine him as Christian Gray, sorry no way!


I think Stephen Amell from the new series Arrow would be the perfect Christian Gray and he's not on your list, check him out!


Definitely Ian Somerhalder. His mystic beauty.. Beautiful eyes, spindly body, ability to play in the same time bad and good guy.. And I think that he is in private life a little kinky :) has one irresistibly kinky look that attracts women..
I can see him doing that nasty thing to Anastasia.. hihihi Predivan je definitivno.. Osim prekrasnim očima i općenito izgledom, on ima ono nešto slatko - nastrano što žene privlači k njemu.. Ian as christian...Bingo


Myslím ,že Ian Somerhalder by byl nejlepší , pro roli Christiana Greye :-) A herečkou k němu by byla nejlepší Nina Dobrev né proto ,že spolu hrají v seriálu The Vampire diaries :-) Ale jim to spolu sluší a představa erotických scén ve filmu by byla perfektní ! :-)

@ Tereza

Da Teresa.. Tako je :)