Erika Van Pelt on American Idol Elimination: Totally Shafted!

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The day after Erika Van Pelt was eliminated from American Idol, she was relatively calm, expressing excitement over this summer's tour and saying she expected to be in the bottom three.

But the first member of the top 10 to be sent packing took a few days to ponder the results of last Thursday and took a different yesterday in an interview with People.

"I definitely felt a little shafted by their decision not to save me," Van Pelt admitted, referring to the judges' veto power. "It's one of those things that, in hindsight, I'm looking at it like they didn't want to use their save this early."

A year ago, Steven, Randy and J. Lo saved Casey Abrams at the same point in the competition, leaving them helpless weeks later when
Pia Toscano was shockingly sent home.

Van Pelt believes those results impacted this season's thinking.

"I was not expecting to be the first of the top 10 to go home – certainly. I'm not sure they were expecting it either. But I feel like even if they felt like I didn't deserve to go home, they just didn't want to waste that save in case America decided to do something really crazy."

Look back to last week and vote below: did Erika deserve to be eliminated?


Hey liarpantsonfire, you need to stop judging people based on their size. Erika is not fat. She's average size. Not everyone in the world can be a size 2. She has a beautiful, unique voice, a quirky personality and that's what matters. And she's not ugly either. I don't entirely agree with what she did to her hair, but that was her choice.
People like you are the reason why women have low self-esteem. Why don't you take a look in the mirror and start pointing out your own flaws intead of judging everyone else. I'm sure you have plenty.


Erika is a lot better than Heejun and DeAndre, she doesn't deserve to go home at all (Bad choice, America). But that doesn't mean Heejun and DeAndre aren't good at all. Nobody (for me) deserves to go home, everybody has had bad performances, or even none, and all of them are just amazing that I can't even decide for a favorite. But nevertheless, hopefully she'll have a successful career even though she was eliminated early, like Pia Toscano. (Btw, the hair is awesome!)


What a CRAZY & 'shallow' world we have become.Especially in Hollywood... ERIKA proved herself to be a stellar contestant by her outstanding performances, gutsiness and unique voice--she stood out for her vocal talent, not her dress size!!! She is a woman compared to these other female contestants!
Not still part-adolescent-- I am happy she will be included on the SUMMER TOUR where her talents will be on display and she will have some opportunity for career growth.


What is wrong with y'all? Adele is a big-sized woman and she's a star in the music industry. Besides, what does a person's dress size have to do with their obvious talent? Have we all grown so shallow that looks are the only thing that matters? This girl has a lovely, unique-sounding voice. She sang "New York State of Mind" beautifully. And her rendition of "I Believe in You and Me" was equally as good. I agree that last year's premature save was a factor here. Why it was used to save Casey is a mystery. He didn't deserve it (even if Pia had stayed). I hope Erica makes it in the business. She's got something special!


Calling Erika "wayyyyy fat" is absolutely rediculous! with that stylizing she got that week, with the short black hair- she's never looked better! She was a wild card entry, and that's hy I wasn't terribly surprised she left when she did. It had nothing to do with her weight or size. People that assume that are ignorant as closed-minded.


Erika is 5'8" and wears a size 12...she is not fat! Even JLo looks big compared to size 0s or 2s like Hollie and Jessica. [The average woman in US wears a 14. I'd LOVE for more celebrities to actually represent the rest of us!] And the beauty pageant was 8+ years ago!! Are you the same size you were 8 years ago? It's no wonder that one of the best voices in the competition didn't get the votes to continue on, with this kind of limited thinking in the voting public.


This chic was an ok singer, but being in a beauty pageant....."Are you kidding me?" She's fat and waaaaaay could someone this heavy be in a pageant....What drugs is she on? ugh....I'm glad she's gone......she looked like the mother of the group...there is no way this girl is in her 20's....she looks 40 or older.....

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