Emilio Masella: Rooting For Snooki Miscarriage!

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Count Snooki's ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella among the millions upon millions who worry that the world is by no means ready for a mini-Snooki spawn.

Still, who the heck says this:

"I hope for her sake ... not to be rude or anything ... but I hope she has a miscarriage." Well then, tell us how you really feel there, Emilio.

Emilio and Snooki

Emilio says hearing that Jionni LaValle got Snooki pregnant is scary: "When I was with her, she said she wanted twins. She would always say 'Let’s have twins.'"

"I would def recommend her to get a paternity test to see who the father is because I’m sure there are other subjects ... Vinny could easily be the father."

Hey, Emilio said it, not us.

As for whether Snooki, who is not only pregnant, but engaged to Jionni LaValle, will marry her man? Yes, Emilio says, but Snook will "pull a Kim Kardashian."

Someone's going to be getting a cease and desist letter REAL quick.

Speaking of which, lawyers for Snook (real name Nicole Polizzi) apparently sent a legal threat to Emilio, ordering him not to bash her. Clearly that worked.

A month before he made this miscarriage comment, he told another media outlet he could be Snooki's baby daddy too ... implying he recently nailed her.

The comment didn't sit so well with her attorneys, who responded with a cease and desist letter, threatening to sue if he continued to blab about Snook.

Her lawyers were pretty clear:

"Demand is hereby made that you cease and desist making public statements regarding Ms. Polizzi that could in any way be taken to be offensive by her."

A month later ... Emilio hopes she miscarries. Pretty offensive, no?

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Who cares who the dad is, a good % of the time having a baby realy changes a persons life aound. Who knows she could end up being "mom of the year". Good luck! (Oh... not a fan, just my thought)


Who cares who the dad is, a good % of the time having a baby realy changes a persons life aound. Who knows she could end up being "mom of the year". Good luck! (Oh... not a fan, just my thought)


MAybe his mom should had a miscarriage. than stupid ass comments like this would not be uttered out of a mans mouth. Or we can go with the notion is he is jealous. Either way he's ugly and i'm pretty sure this comment wouldn't even make snookie skip a beat. I'm happy for her, forever she has been saying she wanted his kids. To bad her ex only shoots blanks


I agree; to wish a miscarrage upon a woman is horrific. I think Snooki is a dingbat, but that doesn't negate the seriousness of dude's comment. I just dint understand what has become of society. smh.....


I don't care who she is, to wish that on someone is just twisted. What a sick individual. I'm not a fan of her by any means, however, I hope her pregnancy is a healthy one. I wouldn't wish a miscarriage on my worst enemy, it is a painful process! Both physically and emotionally.


What you wish upon others, you bring upon yourself


i thought she got herself in a situation a little while back, or a "situation" got in her...