Elle Macpherson to Howard Stern: Stop Being Jewish!

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The thought of Elle Macpherson nude is typically a cause for celebration. But during an interview with Howard Stern on Tuesday, this topic instead turned contentious between host and super model.

It all started when Macpherson admitted her bedroom wall is adorned with a photo from 1990 in which she poses nude on a beach, save for "a gun holster around my waist," she said, adding of the picture, which is taken from behind: "I love the image."

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But Stern asked whether Elle's children - Arpad, 14 and Aurelius, 9 - were traumatized by such a decoration.

"Do your children get upset by that?" he wondered. "It's probably upsetting that his mother's ass is in the bedroom, and if the kids bring over friends..."

Macpherson's response?

"I think you're being absolutely Jewish... you're being overprotective. You sound like a nagging mother, 'Eleanor, should you have that picture in your room?' My children are very well-balanced."

The interview ended on a jovial note, with the two joking about Stern once seeing his mother coming out of the shower and Elle responding that of course that would be disturbing for a child, especially "if she looks like you."

But did Macpherson cross a line with the Jewish reference? You tell us:


this article has it the wrong way round: the jewish coment was nothing- just a passing joke whereas her end comment was NOT jovial - you can tell she just wanted to lash out at howard and it came out as an insult - I dont know why howard didnt call her out on it


She wasn't referring to Jewish guilt. She was referring to Jewish mothers being overprotective, and they are. So what? That's not such a bad thing.


I think she was just joking. Theres not a race, affliction, disability, religion etc that Howard wont pick on. She just gave it back to him, by referring to the "jewish guilt"


What a horse beatch!! she is a ozzie wozzie douche from australia.

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