Elise Testone Showers American Idol with "Whole Lotta Love"

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Elise Testone took on a major American Idol challenge last night.

The singer - who has been as up and down as any on season 11; in the bottom three on week; atop the rankings the following week - didn't shy away from Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love" on an evening where finalists could choose their own track to cover.

Testone showed off her range on the track - described by Randy Jackson as "the hardest song in the world to sing" - rocking out and displaying impressive vocal maturity and stage presence. What did you think of the performance? Is it up par with Phillip Phillips for best of the night?

We post. You decide.


Elise kicked butt!! Best performance in weeks, best rock performance ever on Idol!!


Elise was fantastic. I love Led Zepplin and she nailed it with her great voice! I wasn't impressed with her until last night!! I was rocking in the house! Best female voice for that yet!!


Elise was fantastic! Finally some good music from one of these shows. & a voice with some character, instead of the typical pop ballad or country blandness.


I was not a fan of Elise until I heard her rendition of this song. It is my favorite Zeppelin song and I thought she nailed it. I must say I was surprised that a woman could put the power into this song that it HAS to have to work. Loved it.


Jersey girl rocks the house! Screw those boooooring ballads. I can't believe I fell asleep and didn't get a chance to vote for her. Wish the voting was open through the following morning. Well, I won't let this happen again. She gets all my votes from now on. I think she, Skylar, and Phil will be the final three, but she's gonna take it.


Elise totally ROCKED Led Zepplin's song!!! She is so talented. I would buy her music any day! Love her!!! As far as I'm concerned, her ONLY competition is Skyler and Phillip. Major talents, all three!!!!


Yes, she did great! I think at the beginning her attitude hurt her with fans. Now I can overlook that, Im a big fan of them both. Brownsville, Tx. Good luck.

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