Elise Testone Showers American Idol with "Whole Lotta Love"

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Elise Testone took on a major American Idol challenge last night.

The singer - who has been as up and down as any on season 11; in the bottom three on week; atop the rankings the following week - didn't shy away from Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love" on an evening where finalists could choose their own track to cover.

Testone showed off her range on the track - described by Randy Jackson as "the hardest song in the world to sing" - rocking out and displaying impressive vocal maturity and stage presence. What did you think of the performance? Is it up par with Phillip Phillips for best of the night?

We post. You decide.

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My goodness. There was no comparison between Elise and Philip. Elise was a rocker who rocked the world that night. As Randy Jackson said, Whole Lotta Love is a very difficult song. But Elise took it, made us enjoy it, and I felt we were in live concert. She sang it so beautifully that I got tongue tied with unspeakable joy. This girl had become a major contender to the finals.


As much as I like philip, colton and jessica, Elise is really the best of the bunch. There is no question elise can out sing colton and phillip any day of the week. Jessica is the only real singing competition. Nothing wrong with the clear and spectacular voice of jessica except there are many like her in the world. Nothing can match the flavor of elise's unique voice. She is one in a million, like a stevie nicks.


Elise absolutely smashed that song last night. Unbelievably awesome. Can't stop watching it.


Elise is SO fantastic! Her voice is the best of all the contestants. She's beautiful and her clothes are perfect. The judges know she's great. I hope she gets the votes to win. She totally deserves it! Go Girl!


i think this was her turning point!!! (with her fan base)


Elise was incredible last night, she's
right up there with Harts, Immigrant Song, she totally rocked the house
Boston loves you


I`m a 53 yr old old school rocker. That was the 1st time I`ve seen someone do justice to that song. You Rock!


Well, yes. Great job, Elise. Even if a woman singing this song makes NO sense.


Elise really rocked the house with Whole Lotta Love! I've always been a big fan of Led Zeppelin. I don't think anyone other than Elise and Led Zeppelin, could ever do any better with that song! Elise is indeed amazing! Loved it!


I agree with most of the comments on here. I have been of a fan of Elise's from the start, she has had a rough couple of weeks, but man am I glad she turned it around the last two weeks. Deandre deserves to go home tonight, he is the weakest of them all. I also see not only Elise as my favorite, but Phil and Skylar too. Those three are the performers of all of them there. They are the ones that deserve to go to the final..and with performances like these they will be the ones that keep getting my votes.

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