Elise Testone Showers American Idol with "Whole Lotta Love"

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Elise Testone took on a major American Idol challenge last night.

The singer - who has been as up and down as any on season 11; in the bottom three on week; atop the rankings the following week - didn't shy away from Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love" on an evening where finalists could choose their own track to cover.

Testone showed off her range on the track - described by Randy Jackson as "the hardest song in the world to sing" - rocking out and displaying impressive vocal maturity and stage presence. What did you think of the performance? Is it up par with Phillip Phillips for best of the night?

We post. You decide.

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OMG! OMG! OMG!! That's all I could say for hours! I called evynoere I know that knows and loves real music, & can appreciates voice like hers. She has soul and sexyness, she can melt any any man away with her sulty voice! She is the entire package!! Wow! Musicians love her voice! Non-musicians will vote her off, that's basically how Idol works. Amy W. would not have won Idol, of course not! Elise doesn't need to win, she's already won! Thank you Lord for Elise! There is a GOD!!


Elise Testone was totally awesome!! She will do amazing on her own and do her own thing!!! All the best to you Elise!!!!! :))


A.I. Vote iphone app for American Idol is now in the app store. With A.I. Vote you can text vote close to 50 votes per minute. So in two hours you can vote close to 4000 votes. Elise can win if everyone downloads A.I.Vote and votes. Good Luck Elise


I think Elise has an amazing voice, but I feel like every week she has a poor attitude. She should win with that voice,she just needs to realize she isn't going to get votes by arguing with the judges and always looking like someone just pee'd in her Cheerios.


Elise did incredible!!! I hope she wins!!!


Elise sang the heck out of Whole Lotta Love -- the BEST I have ever seen on American Idol


American idol has NEVER had on such an awesome singer like
Elise.. They have had good singers but no one has ever
Compared to Elise... She is the real deal... She blew me away !
She is what the world needs, I have never been drawn in by any
one like I am with her she is so original even Stevie Nicks
recognized it right off the bat!!! I am in love with Elise Testone!!


Just love it, hope she wins the whole, she is the best for the last ten years of the show.


I knew from the very beginning of the season that Elise is the one to watch. Crazy mad vocals on Whole lotta Love. I believe The best is yet to come!


This is AMAZING! I got this album for Christmas when I was 12 and this song blew me away - I never heard it done by anyone other than Robert Plant that sounded even remotely good. Tonight I was shocked - Elise just made this song her biotch! OUT-FREAKIN STANDING!!!! Elise just went to the top of my list! Josh is the most talented and Jessica may have the best chance overall and Phillip the most original but Elise won me over tonight!

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