Donald Trump, Jr. Defends Brutal Hunting Pics

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Donald Trump's sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr., have been criticized over a series of hunting photos showing them with fresh kills in Zimbabwe last year.

They've done nothing illegal, but in one of the more controversial shots, Donald Jr. is seen grinning broadly while holding the severed tail of an elephant.

He has predictably been eviscerated by PETA in press releases, but defended his actions on Twitter, saying that he was simply taking part in a local custom.

Donald Trump, Jr. Photo

Trump Jr. has not apologized, and has been actively defending his actions to his 120,000 followers, along with getting into a few spats with readers.

In one Twitter update, Trump Jr. writes, "I don't apologize to cater to public opinion when I did nothing wrong. To do so would be to sell myself out."

Responding to criticism from PETA, the executive V.P. of the Trump organization wrote, "yea ok peta, not exactly known for credible and unbiased info."

In a joint statement released by the brothers, they again defended the images, noting that all meat killed during the hunt was donated to local villagers:

"We are both avid outdoorsmen. Brought up hunting and fishing with our grandfather, he taught us that nothing should ever be taken for granted or wasted."

"We have the utmost respect for nature and have always hunted strictly in accordance with local laws, customs and regulations."

What do you think of their actions?


I read somewhere that on average men who hunt for pleasure have a penis size that is 2 inches smaller than the rest of the male population. I guess when you are short a couple of inches you have to do something to compensate and make yourself still feel like a man, e.g. collecting money or killing things bigger than yourself. Its a shame though because no matter how big the bank balance is nor how many phallic substitute elephant tails you collect your dick wont get any bigger. Spare the wildlife and buy a penis pump!


You got me AB. The Trumps are disgusting idiots!


Thanks for your comment HEA, I totally agree. I think Valleri is very sheltered and uneducated as she assumes we are all white with no understanding of history and other cultures. Sorry Valleri but I stick to my comments and am very upset with this act of animal cruelty .. and hey Valleri guess what...I'm not white and I still feel this way.


@ Pam You might want to look in mirror when you call someone and idiot. It's disgusting. Not discusting.


These two idiots are discusting!


It seems like this guy is a chip off the old block. Seems as arrogant as his Dad


Valleri - Takes a true racist to bring race into a non-race issue, and I get sick of whining people who do so then claim others are the problem. Your race wasn't the only one in the world to ever be abused or be forced into slavery. My ancestry is Native American Indian (Blackfoot Tribe of the Iroquois Nation) and Romanian Gypsy...two of the most abused cultures in the world. So don't whine to me about your troubles. Your own race captured your ancestors, trekked them to the docks and sold them to white men to become slaves. At least none of my ancestors stooped so low as to sell out their own countrymen.


If you're not going to eat it, you shouldn't be killing it. PERIOD!!!


The fact that y'all don't kill animal doesn't mean y'all are right? Why the hell won't white people just mind their freaking business? The fact that your stupid country which is not even the top country in the world happens to have superiority complex is nobody but the fault of presidents like Obama and men like Martin Luther King who tell y'all that you can do whatever you like when all you can do is judge people. You can't sit on your stupid white horses and houses and judge cultures and traditions of deep rooted Africans because you have lost yours. Don't be so quick to judge, your horrible ancestors thought breathing humans were animals to be used for chores and as slaves but now, y'all would save animals when you won't save humans. Shut the heck up and take your case to the national assembly. If you have any other problems, take it up with you psychiatrist and keep your snooty mouth in your country's washed out cultures.


There are many customs in other countries such as female circumcision, honour killings, ivory hunting, etc. That doesn’t mean they are right or we should take part in them. If we are the so called “super powers� than we should be leading by example. Torturing elephants (who never forget) for sport is not something to be proud of and Donald Jr. who claims to be very educated and “not a sell out� but he sold his soul in performing this horrible act of animal cruelty..that’s the biggest kind of sell out there is. Donald Jr. should be ashamed of himself and his organization that defends such animal torture.

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