DeAndre Brackensick Cries, Aims to Make American Idol Fans Smile

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Oh, DeAndre Brackensick. You're making this way too easy.

The high-pitched American Idol finalist covered a somewhat random Eric Benet track last night, "Sometimes I Cry," giving critics far too obvious of an avenue to mock the contestant. As in: yes, DeAndre, sometimes you make us cry, especially when you rely so heavily on a falsetto that pierces our ear drums.

The judges were on board with the performance, however, giving Brackensick a standing ovation. (Note to Randy, Steven and J. Lo: you stood up and applauded for five finalists this week. Five! Out of nine! Pick and choose your spots a bit more carefully or else a standing O won't exactly be considered special any longer.)

Will DeAndre escape the bottom three this week? Will he pack his bags and head home? It will all be based on this audition:

Clearly, we didn't love Brackensick. But here's a look at our three favorite performances from the top 9:

  1. Phillip Phillips telling us it's "Still Rainin."
  2. Elise Testone showing a "Whole Lotta Love."
  3. Joshua Ledet belting out a heartfelt "Without You."

And by the way, Dre has inspired millions of people. Look at him. He
's a normal kid who goes to school and he has a dream. What's so wrong about having a passion and dreaming about doing something you're good at? Something you love? DeAndre is a beautiful person, inside and out. His talent has no boundaries and he is going to be fine no matter what he decides to do. There are two, however that make me scratch my head and wonder how they stayed in the competition and that is Hollie Cavanaugh and Heejun Han. I was ECSTATIC that Heejun was eliminated. W


@ Darren: DeAndre is amazingly talented and the fact that he even tried to get on the show again after being rejected last year shows that he also has courage and he has grown from the experience and D


Geez...what are you hearing that I'm not?? I think he should have gone a long time ago, and what's with that screaming that he thinks we want to hear?


He's a singer and amazing voice I would
Love to have him meet my daughter he is so good he has it all looks
Voice he
Should be
The next American idol


To all the naysayers and the writer of this article, please tell me how you can with any integrity tell me PP or Colton actually sing better than this young man, I'll not make any negative statements about either but go back and listen to the singing of there songs and tell me musically there better. Now it might fit your taste better and so be it but to write the rubbish that you portend to be fact is stupid. Think before you show your ignorance!!!!!!!!!!!!


This guy sings like a bird a bird in a lot of pain.
I can't stand
listening to him sing. Thank god for fast forward.
I would not waste my time listening to him scream into the microphone for 2 seconds. He is horrible, just horrible. And I don't need a degree in music to know his, I have ears and they hurt when he sings.


I love Deandre's voice it's so sweet and pretty. I grew up listening to doowop . For those who say his falsetto is too much,I say the kid can still sing -I love the passion in his face and body. All of those on
AI 11 can sing for that matter. If the coach wud just work with Deandre LIKE JIMMY IOVINE SAID THEY WUD... then maybe his falsetto and higher and lower registers can be calibrated better.


Listen to the studio version of Deandre singing 'Sometimes I Cry' and THEN tell me he can't sing...You may not like this style of singing, but he does it beautifully. With more experience to ADD to his talent, he is going to be mega'. Just watch and see.


@Tiggler, the problem with certain falsetto voices is that they can grind on the nerves if they don't down shift enough throughout their songs. Even Aaron Neville who is probably the best example can shift his falsetto around enough plus the mans voice is like velvet anyway, it's not grating. DeAndre to my ears can sound grating at times. To each his own. A lot of people like the sound of Alicia Keyes voice but imo she can often sound like a cat being scratched down a chalk board.
I never liked the BeeGees up Falsetto or Frankie Valley except when their performances were balanced out with down huskier tones. I was young when they were the rage at different times, then along came Prince, and yes, I loved him.


I haven't seen Idol for a few weeks but when they had the coaches and DeAndre sang that one song (think it was Endless Love) - it was perfectly pitched and sang with passion but all of the judges shot it down like it wasn't "right" for him. I don't get it. The song as I recall was done with his own style to it and done well and I don't even like the sound of his voice. It was disappointing to see the judges criticize him for it because like I said, I don't really care for his voice but thought he did a phenomenal job on that was a flawless performance.

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