David Hasselhoff Performs as Hitler in London

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On the bright side, this may make people forget about that whole drunken-hamburger video...

Actor-turned-singer-turned-occasional-trainwreck David Hasselhoff performed a show at the IndigO2 in London over the weekend, singing songs in a variety of get-ups, from a lifeguard costume to a long-haired wig to an Adolf Hitler mustache and suit.

Wait... what? No, really, it's true:

David Hasselhoff as Hitler

In the Hoff's defense, he was singing a song from the movie The Producers, which is based around a play titled "Springtime for Hitler." But still. There are a lot of plays out there from which he could choose a number.

It didn't help that Hasselhoff reportedly forget the lyrics to the track and that an attendee referred to the show (via The Sun) as "complete shambles."

What do you think of Hasselhoff dressing as Hitler?


For. Gods sake its for a Mel brooks show he s not turning into a nazi grow up


Obviously most of those people have never seen The Producers!! Go rent the movie!


Kait - this was the other day in london i was there!


This is old news. The Hoff was this character in the Boradway production for a long time.

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