Courtney Robertson: OWNED on The Bachelor Women Tell All Special

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It's normally a chance for the rejected bachelorettes to confront the man that sent them packing, but it was primarily Courtney Robertson in the hot seat and under fire on The Bachelor: Women Tell All episode Monday night.

The women wasted no time in criticizing Robertson, calling her a villain, a phony, a cruel seductress, a two-faced fame-seeker and pretty much an awful human being overall.

And that was all before she even took the stage! Then it got worse:

Not only was Court slammed - politely but forcefully - by third and fourth place finishers Nicki Sterling and Kacie Boguskie (probably the two nicest people ever), her former rival Emily O'Brien absolutely owned her ass Monday.

Crocodile tears or not, Courtney was definitely crying up there.

Surprisingly (or not, for a master manipulator), she chose to apologize, saying, "I'm sorry. I take it all back. Looking back, I'm really sorry I hurt all of your feelings."

"You may say it's not genuine but it is," she said. Mmm hmm.

The Bachelor himself, Ben Flajnik, was only featured at the very end, starting off his not-even-10-minute segment by saying "welcome to my nightmare."

Doesn't exactly bode well for his chances with Courtney, or Lindzi. Whomever Ben picks on the season finale next week (see our Bachelor spoilers page for more detail on that controversial topic), he's not looking too pleased with life now.

You tell us: Courtney Robertson on The Bachelor ...


Why even put this evil bitch on tv????? not only is she dead ass homily, she has the personality to match.....These two Ben and her deserve each other.....dumb and dumber.....yukkkkk i for one will never ever watch the bachelor or bachelorette again....It's such a joke......


Courtney and Ben deserve each other, two losers


So what who cares


Crocdile tears. I can never insult and treat people the way she treated those women whatever the prize. Man, money, fame, anxiety, etc. she took it to another level. She made me stop watching the show because of her mean comments. She is heartless. Someone is crying and she literally laughs at them. who does that? The devil. She came on last night after rehearsing her tears only to make people feel sorry for her. Hell no! I don't buy it.I have never seen such a Jezebel! In Brad's season, Emily was so beautiful and always favored by Brad but the women liked her because she was never mean. It is not jealousy, they resent her for a reason.And as Emily desires to put it, Ben is a dummy too. Wish them luck! hmmm! This has been the worst Bachelor season!


Courtney was lying the whole time, when she was saying she was sorry for the way she had treated the other women, she was turning her head left to right, if she really believed what she was saying she would have been nodding her head up and down. Not even she believed what she was saying. Body language speaks so loudly!


all of the women i'm sure were mean to one another at times, they were all fighting for the same man. but there is a reason why courtney is singled out and I dont think it's jealousy. obviously there were jealous moments from all of the women but no one reacted the way she did and there is a reason why other women were able to make connections and she wasnt. she cant treat people the way she did and expect people to be nice to her. hopefully she understands really how awful she was to people and really feels bad about it and learns from the situation.


She apologises don't be so mean? everybody is just jealous of her, did you see all the womens faces omg i just want to die. I think all the women accept courtney is bullies!!!! they are so jealous it's insane. She was there for ben, they hated her from the start, ofc she had her gard up. It was war from both sides i think.


if you go back over the tape and listen to what courtney is saying, her entire apology is self-serving. she isnt necessarily sorry for what she did to the girls, she's sorry about the backlash and consequences that she herself has suffered. the only reason behind her regret is because of the pain and suffering that she has experienced from the media and the public, and the fact that what she did to the other girls has basically destroyed her relationship with Ben. Courtney is very selfish and narcissistic, and her "real emotions" are those of self-pity, not empathy. She would benefit greatly from therapy and I hope she goes for her sake.


Don't believe in gang mentality. She had a choice to appear on the show and decided to take the chance. Never liked her during the show, but felt bad for her last night.

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