Courtney Robertson: OWNED on The Bachelor Women Tell All Special

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It's normally a chance for the rejected bachelorettes to confront the man that sent them packing, but it was primarily Courtney Robertson in the hot seat and under fire on The Bachelor: Women Tell All episode Monday night.

The women wasted no time in criticizing Robertson, calling her a villain, a phony, a cruel seductress, a two-faced fame-seeker and pretty much an awful human being overall.

And that was all before she even took the stage! Then it got worse:

Not only was Court slammed - politely but forcefully - by third and fourth place finishers Nicki Sterling and Kacie Boguskie (probably the two nicest people ever), her former rival Emily O'Brien absolutely owned her ass Monday.

Crocodile tears or not, Courtney was definitely crying up there.

Surprisingly (or not, for a master manipulator), she chose to apologize, saying, "I'm sorry. I take it all back. Looking back, I'm really sorry I hurt all of your feelings."

"You may say it's not genuine but it is," she said. Mmm hmm.

The Bachelor himself, Ben Flajnik, was only featured at the very end, starting off his not-even-10-minute segment by saying "welcome to my nightmare."

Doesn't exactly bode well for his chances with Courtney, or Lindzi. Whomever Ben picks on the season finale next week (see our Bachelor spoilers page for more detail on that controversial topic), he's not looking too pleased with life now.

You tell us: Courtney Robertson on The Bachelor ...


Whats the sense in watching the show if everything is going to be in books, before the show is even over?? I think she is a bitch and I think neither of them wanted love,they just wanted to make their profile better!! Its really sad because I believe there was some of the women were there for the right reason.


@Alex - if you watched the WTA Courtney admitted that Blakely and Elyse both did nothing to her and she said mean things about both of them. And enough of the hate talk! From both pro-Courtney and anti! These are real people with real feelings. Courtney was nasty. I think she understands the consequences, let it go. And she absolutely should have apologized because she was rude. That's what you do when you have been indecent. Now if others were bullying her then she deserves an apology back. Two wrongs don't make a right. Geez, they were acting like 5th graders!


I wish courtney wouldnt have apologized to any of those busted group of girls!!! Jealous ass bitches!!! Courtney is so much more gorgeous than ANY of them and all those bitches did were whine and bully her complaining about her bullying them and they did the same thing back but it was more like 20 ugly bitches against one! SUCKS YOU BITCHES ARE SO FUCKING UGLY! WAAHH! BLAKELEY ESPECIALLY U FUCKING HORSE BITCH


I kinda feel for her a bit. BEFORE you shoot me down! Let me say, I do not believe for a minute that she really feels badly for her actions but rather the consequences that she has to live through. But her pain is real. And to be lashed out at by the entire nation through the media is pretty intense considering she said some nasty things in a reality televison DATING competiton. Don't get me wrong, the whole season I couldn't stand how she behaved. But let's put this in perspective people! She slandered some women on a TV show. Now the whole country (and beyond I'm Canadian) is slandering her! Karma sucks. Let's hope she learned her lesson!


The whole show is a fraud


She is sad and upset because she lost that is why she showed up just for a chance to see Ben.... and Lindsey after Ben picked her dumped him that is why he said welcome to my nightmare. What a jerk he is. Anyway that is my prediction


OMG I think Courtney was so upset because she didn't get picked and the only reason she showed up was to hopefully see Ben which she didn't they got her out so fast and off in the limo she went.
Sorry her family has to suffer becasue of her bad comments.


Ben is a doofus who, after being crushed by Ashleigh, now has to PROVE that he can do a Model. That's why the skinny dipping scene. Does ANYONE do that KNOWING there are cameras on them? Of course not but he did to get back at the show and Ashleigh. It was "hey man, look this hot Model is getting naked and throwing herself at me!!. He has to show himself & everyone he can snag something better! After the final rose and all that Courtney will act like a typical, huge ego, NPD Model and Ben will have lost interest in slamming her and trying to live a life with such a nutcase (She can't even leave her own hair alone for 5 minutes she is so crazy!!). So then he will try to parlay his being with Courtney into getting another, even hotter, babe. She will cry VICTIM and continue to brood. Ever wonder why she has no relationship for so long? Now we all know why!


To me Courtney clearly suffers from a personality disorder - most likely NPD. She is a narcissist and will continue that way unless she seeks treatment. As evidenced, all of her moves are self-serving or at least all about her - including winning Ben. To me her crying was mostly due many people not just loathing her but her parents as well.
Her Classic line of "I always win" is her admitting she has NPD or BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder).


Courtney iz a BITCH!!!!!!

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