Courtney Love Accuses The Muppets of "Raping" Kurt Cobain

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Courtney Love is ranting and raving again.

She believes that Kermit the Frog and his gang of Muppet friends absolutely "raped" the memory of her ex-husband Kurt Cobain by covering the Nirvana song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in their 2011 movie ... without her permission.

The Muppets also released this awesome music video for it:

Courtney says she has the power to approve or nix all use of Kurt's music for commercial purposes, and she never agreed to let the Muppets release the song.

Never mind that she sold half the rights to Kurt's music to a company called Primary Wave Music ... along with exclusive right to distribute Nirvana's catalog.

As far as "Smells Like Teen Spirit" goes, not only did Primary Wave green light The Muppets use, they got permission from the two surviving Nirvana members.

Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic were both on board ... Dave is even in the movie briefly. Also, a portion of all profits from the song's use go to Kurt's daughter.

In short ... what is Courtney Love ranting about this for?!

Oh, right, she's insane.

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"2-unless Im mistaken. i think its anotomiclly impossible for the muppets to rape kirk cobain." -miss piggy defender bahahahahaha! That's hilarious, the thought didn't even occur to me.


The muppets raped them.....wth. I mean come on Courtney. Your so fucked up. I mean courtney must even now be thinking: "What the hell is wrong with me????"


I'm sorry, but last days fucking sukecd.They were too afraid to actually show any real action or make any opinions or statements about Kurt Cobains death, so they filmed long scenes of unimportant actions in an effort to look mysterious and misunderstood and deep. Granted, Kurts last days did include lots of writing and thinking, but not in the way that this boring movie portrayed it.


Um...excuse me? Nirvana has been dead for quite awhile, and Courtney doesn't have legal rights to the music, I think the record company does... she really needs to go get help or something. And lastly, wtf is wrong with the Muppets doing Nirvana covers?


Courtney go get some help!


two osbervations for courtny love: 1- nirvana is dead. 2-unless Im mistaken. i think its anotomiclly impossible for the muppets to rape kirk cobain.