Colton Dixon: The Tim Tebow of American Idol?

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American Idol executives have reportedly offered a bit of advice to Colton Dixon, and it's not about his pitch or his song choice or his weekly on-stage outfits.

The season 11 finalist told Today that producers warned him about coming across as overly religious online, fearing this would alienate a segment of viewers.

"When we first started the Twitter and Facebook stuff, they said beware of political and religious tweets," Dixon said. "Just because it can turn off voters or whatever."

"But, you know, being a Christian is who I am. It is a part of me musically. It is what I want to do after the show - go into Christian music."

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Dixon has found himself in a couple Twitter wars as a result of his open views, however.

One user recently suggested the crooner "can't Tebow his way to a win," referencing the Denver Broncos quarterback who led his team to the NFL playoffs admits controversy of his frequent references to God and post-game prayer celebrations.

"I don't follow Tebow," Dixon Tweeted in response. "I follow a guy named Jesus. I'm just trusting His plans. Whatever that may be."

In the end, of course, Dixon and all contestants will mostly be judged on their ability. To get a look at all finalists in action, visit our American Idol video section now!


Russ, You are confusing Jesus Christ, who was a Jew, with God. Make up your mind. You know, there are places you can go to get deprogrammed.


I thought Colton followed Jesus, not God? He didn't say he followed God.


DrOne has been "brainwashed" by his own ramblings. Colton has been placed in this position by God and only by God. Colton's servant attitude and desire to shine God's light is why he has been chosen for this task. His singing and musical ability are gifts that he has been blessed with to make his stance possible. DrOne and all other naysayers must realize that this is not just a "Colton Dixon," "Tebow" or "Lin" movement. This is directed and fueled by our Lord Jesus Christ. Through Him, you will see the result of thousands moving through His LOVE. We Love you DrOne and will be praying for you.


Hey Colton, Do you ask Jesus for answers for everything you do? I don't think Jesus would tell someone to go on American Idol and use Jesus' name to get attention. The BIble wasn't written by Jesus Christ, it was written by a bunch of different people and a lot of the writings were basically translated directly from Jewish and Pagan studies, then modified through the years to these churches can brainwash sinners into thinking that they can get you to heaven by thinking that Jesus forgives you for your sins, even if the victim of your sins hasn't forgiven you. There are plenty of mental institutions filled with reborn Christians that fall off the deep end.


Colton, if you want to go into the Christian market and prostitute yourself and use Jesus' name without his permission to make money and act like you know what you are doing, then leave Idol and go get a recording contract outside of Idol. Chrisitianity is nothing more than a way for people to get brainwashed into thinking that you can commit sins day in and day out and still be able to go to heaven because you think Jesus died so you can become a sinner. I know of a bunch of reborn Chrisitans in the music industry and they are nothing more than a hypocrite.
Colton, grow up, go to college and get a degree in music and go seek some assistance with the brainwashing you have gone through. Churches perform brainwashing all of the time to get people to follow their antics. Organized religions is one of the oldest forms of ScamWay. I am not suggesting to not believe that Jesus was a great man, but there are others just as equal.


Wow, this just shows what a joke society is. I can't believe they would try to get him to stop expressing his religious beliefs. But this just proves what an amazing Christian he is, even under all of this pressure he is standing for Jesus, and I'm really proud of him. I love you so much, Colton.

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