Clay Aiken Bashes Rihanna, Points to "Pitch Problems"

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Clay Aiken has gone all Randy Jackson on Rihanna.

In an interview last night with Andy Cohen, the former American Idol runner-up was asked about the state of pop music. Specifically: which current singer would NOT make it past the first round of the Fox competition?

"There's too many, I've stopped listening to them because they can't sing" Aiken replied, before ultimately coming down on Rihanna - who is NOT dating Ashton Kutcher, people! - because she has "some pitch problems."

Watch the exchange for yourself and then respond below:

How do you feel about Aiken's critique?


I agree with you goddess nine, with the exetocipn of him beating her, even if she instigated the fight, he should have tried to get away from her, but then again I wasn't there, maybe he did try to get away. He has apologized and I even think Rihanna has accepted him apology. I certainly do and I am personally sick of hearing about it. I will continue to support him.


I think its funny that he has a comment to make on the singers today yet I havent even heard him sing once in my life... maybe they arent the best to your standards clay. but they are doing something seriously right compaird to you, who is vertualy unknown...


clay aiken needs to get out of hollywood- get back into teaching and be a REAL MAN-stop ripping off old people's music- and disappear into his neck of the woods- hick stick shit-.children's adocvate you're not-music sex symbol- you're not. CLAY AIKEN IF YOU'RE READING THIS- and i know you are- rihanna 's a hot, hot, hot, talented and sweet singer. you? on the other hand are not! keep your opinions to yourself. plastic clown freak-get the fuck out of here! signed the wise one! :):):););)!


Lisa M. just because one has fans doesn't mean they have talent! My generation, (I'm 21) wouldn't know talent if it slapped them in the face! I completely agree with Clay Aiken. I do not listen to pop music because there is no talent, just gimmicks! The word "artist" is waaaay over used this day in age. What ever happened to those who actually know how to play instruments and sing with their real, raw voice.


I agree with Erin! I was thinking the same thing, have you heard her??? I liked some of her songs, catchy whatever, but after i hear them 700 times on the radio, i no longer like them . But she sings thru her nose. Shes very nasal which is why when i hear her whiny voice now i usually change the station. Granted, hes not very relevant but he has ears and expressed his opinion. And i agree totally.


Good grief. You make it sound like he's just blasting Rihanna for sport. It was on Watch What Happens Live during their "Plead the Fifth" segment. Andy asks celebs 3 questions and they can only plead the fifth to one question, so they have to answer these questions because they don't know how bad that 3rd question will be. They asked him what popular singer today would not make it in American Idol. He said Rihanna because she has some pitch issues. Have you heard her sing live? He's 100% correct! But don't make him out to be bashing her. If it wasn't her, he would have had to say someone else's name. Don't make a story where there isn't one.


I'm surprised he would say that, I think she has quite a few fans that would disagree. Btw, Clay, would have YOU done lately?


Pitch problems? What the hell Clay Aiken? I think her voice has grown over the years. Her voice is pretty.

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