Cissy Houston Labels Bobbi Kristina/Nick Gordon Relationship as "Incest"

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Drama surrounding Whitney Houston's family continues to persist, long after this singer has passed away.

The latest controversy surrounds daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, who announced this week that she's dating Nick Gordon, a young man taken in by her mother many years ago and raised as her stepson.

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Bobbi and Nick went public with their status on Twitter, with Gordon emphasizing there's no blood relation between the two and telling the "haters" they "don't have a brain" if they find anything wrong with the scenario.

Turns out, according to TMZ sources, Gordon was challenging Whitney's mom, Cissy, who a friend claims takes major exception to her granddaughter cozying up to her quasi sibling. She has reportedly labeled the relationship "incestuous" and believes Nick is taking advantage of a vulnerable Bobbi.

Moreover, this mole says Cissy is willing to take an extreme step in order to split the couple up: she's asking Whitney Houston's Estate to legally evict Gordon from the premises.

What do you think of Bobbi and Nick's relationship?


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Bobbi....maybe if you got your big wide ugly ass nose fixed and fix your wouldn't look so much like your dad. I think Bobbi has a little hope with her looks.....but if she's doin drugs now at 19 years of age.....she don't have a chance. she's done.


Aint no money left for Bobbi. Her mom done did drugs wit it.


They were most likely involved before her mother passed away, regardless of what people think. She is an attractive young woman and he's a young man with swagger .........No blood relation...Living under the same roof...friends first....Major void/loneliness equals their connection. "Nobody's Business " 2 young adults finding their way in this thing called "Life"....


That poor little ugly girl. She looks just like old bobby. And that's just like she should be. gap and all. She won't last long. She's already into drugs....she's on her way out. So sad


They are not blood related so there is nothing wrong with it. As long as they are happy let the poor kids be. My family has the same situation. My daughter married my stepson and they get along great and are so very happy. I am happy for them but as I said, they are not blood related so nothing is wrong with it.


To Be Real!!
It is my understanding that Nick is 22 years old, and that he was "unofficially adopted" by Whitney Houston when he was 10. Bobbie Kristina recently turned 19,so these two young adults have been in each other lives for years. Until this week, I did Not know that Nick existed as a "family member". Even during the funeral services, the Names mentioned primarily were Cissy, Bobbi Kristina, Dionne and Pat. I did Not watch all of Oprah's interview with Pat and BK.This week it is mentioned that BK is the heiress of Whitney's estate, and No mention of Nick. Now within 2 days Nick is on the scene with BK establishing his importance in her life. I guess this is the classic case of "family members" coming out of the woodwork. PEACE!!


I aint sayin he a gold digga..but he aint messin with no broke broke!!


Bobbi Kristina is old enough to make up her own mind about Nick. Cissy needs to stay out of it. I'm just saying..........


So let's ask the most important question. If Whitney took him in as her "son" and he lived with her, why didn't she leave him anything? Sounds like she had reservations about him too. I hope Bobbie Kristi is not getting herself "hooked" up with another "Bobby Brown" like her mother did. I hope he isn't in it for the money.


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