Cissy Houston Labels Bobbi Kristina/Nick Gordon Relationship as "Incest"

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Drama surrounding Whitney Houston's family continues to persist, long after this singer has passed away.

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    Ew this girl is freaking hideous. I mean oh my god what the fuck is wrong with her face? It looks like it was stepped on/trampled by a llama. I guess Whitney's genes didn't pass on too well, did they?


    Bobbi "Gappy" Kristina is about as ugly a girl as I've ever seen. Big gap between her teeth, space alien forehead, just ugh...


    Just pray bobbi gets, the help. She needs.


    strange look....nothing like her beautiful mother.


    Biologically....... NO, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Call me old fashion and need to get with the time, it's ok my children say it all the time. I C exactly where Ms. Cissy is coming from, no blood line, BUT they were raised together in the same house as brothers and sisters and I'm sure that's the way Whitney intended for it to be, a romantic relationship between the two is definitely to close for comfort.


    @ Renee You hit the nail on the head. This girl is going through deep grief. Therefore, emotionally she might not be making wise choices right now and especially with relation to this young man. She needs to be in grief therapy. I get the feeling the Grandmother can't do much with her. So, Bobbi might be refusing to get the help she needs.


    he a gold digger. run away. bobby brown part II. he is takin advantage of grieving girl who just wants to continue a connection to her mother.... she is wrongly chosing this guy. might bring comfort short term but it will not last.


    It would be against the law if they were blood realeated. And if Nick is anywhere near a good guy, and is aboustley against drugs, he could be helping Bobbi in an odd way. Just think, poor Bobbi just lost her mother, and the only person really by her side and can see what shes going threw is Nick. And without Nick, Bobbi would most likely be worse than today. Thats my thoughts. HATERS GOING TO HATE.


    All of you calling her ugly, shut up. You have no right. It's totally unrelated and completely rude. Just shut up before you embarrass yourself further.


    she is just ugly I see absolutely no Whitney in her, looks just like her dad too bad!

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