Christina Cho Identified as Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber

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It seems likely that Kim Kardashian did not, for once, orchestrate her latest PR bonanza.

According to TMZ, the woman behind this idiot's flour bombing late last week is Christina Cho, an infamous PETA activist known for disrupting events in order to get that organization's message out. In 2010, for example, she grabbed a microphone from designer Donna Karan and condemned the use of fur in fashion.

Christina, whose sister is a top PETA official, won an award from the group two years ago for her efforts.

PETA, meanwhile, has denied any involvement in the flour bombing, although it's been clear that it stands behind the culprit.

Kardashian said over the weekend that she will press charges against Cho, while PETA responded that the ex-sex tape star should get a life.


kim has the right to wear fur. Its her decision. You can not force your beliefs on someone by bullying or threatening. i hate to say but im on kims side on this one.


Jesus! Just think of all the won ton wraps that could have been made with that flour, Cho, not to mention the crispy fried noodles! Damn! And in a world where millions of children die of starvation every day! It's unthinkable!


Hate her bc she's Asian? Really? Wow, you've missed every point. Congrats. You're a fool.


Why do we have our teeth? Yes, most of us eat meat. But animals that are killed for fur are tortured and abused. We're talking about being skinned alive, living in a small cage for life, hearing other animals dying and crying out, having humans shoving probes up anuses and electrocuting animals-frying them fron the inside out, etc. Its unecessary. Its inhumane. Its evil. And if anyone who has seen the behind-the-scenes reality isn't angered by it, they must be cold-hearted pos.


methinks Ms Cho is not a vegan afterall,she has had plenty of white meat in her:)LOL Yall h8n on her cause she's asian,sad.


Here's what pisses me off about PETA....They would not exist as humans if our ancestors HADN'T worn fur....They would have froze!! And yes, our ancestors ate meat...good meat...lots of meat. Why do we have canine teeth for PETA's sake!!!


PETA is a dictatorship if you don't do what they feel you should do,then they go around throwing stuff and trying to mess up people's lives if you don't conform to their beliefs. One of these days they are gonna mess with the wrong folks. People have a right to spend their money on whatever they want.


Just because someone is wearing something u don't like, that doesn't give anyone the right to throw things at them. Everyone should be able to wear what they like without other people throwing things and having a temper tantrum like a 2 yr old. I'm glad she's pressing charges, people need to learn there r consequences for their actions, they can't just go around bullying people.


Kim Kartrashian is jealous of Christina's tight azn vj,Cho has that tight slit that all men love.Kim,on the other hand is a loose goose armenian canyon.


I hope Stephanie get floured in front of crowd... Arent you thinking what if its an acid threw in ur face? i think ur ugly so u are angry at beautiful people. that's BULLYING and shud be hit on their faces.


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