Christina Cho Identified as Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber

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It seems likely that Kim Kardashian did not, for once, orchestrate her latest PR bonanza.

According to TMZ, the woman behind this idiot's flour bombing late last week is Christina Cho, an infamous PETA activist known for disrupting events in order to get that organization's message out. In 2010, for example, she grabbed a microphone from designer Donna Karan and condemned the use of fur in fashion.

Christina, whose sister is a top PETA official, won an award from the group two years ago for her efforts.

PETA, meanwhile, has denied any involvement in the flour bombing, although it's been clear that it stands behind the culprit.

Kardashian said over the weekend that she will press charges against Cho, while PETA responded that the ex-sex tape star should get a life.




Sorry *Two


Reading these comments, at points I'm like wtf!? And sometimes like; ya their right. And; why are they saying this?? So if most of you are saying Kim is tittled to her own opinion, aren't everybody commenting also tittled to their own opinion. My opinion: Kim and PETA are both at fault here. And to PETA, to wrongs don't make a right.


PETA is a disgusting organization. Pushing YOUR views on everyone else should never be acceptable and bullying them is certainly not either. Kim can do whatever the hell she wants. Just because her sister supported PETA does not mean that Kim has to too.
Personally, I'm not very fond of Kim or her family, but I do believe she should sue Christina Cho. This was a hate crime and there should be consequences.


TEAM PETA!!!! Kim is a bad role model. She's SUE happy...anything to make A Dollar. Are we forgetting about her sex tape. It's not the first time she's had white stuff thrown on her....shes a Cum Guzzler. LMAO!!!!! Kim start doing positive things.... It's time for a change


@Trang Since when are folks who look like "pins" so hot!?! Jeez! You sound like a real male chauvinist pig! Do women's natural curves scare you or what! Then you end up by saying you think it's good that there's some hefty black women found in Africa? Whoa! You're on both sides of the street with that comment...aren't ya. Time to re-think your concept of acceptable female body types. Question is: What's God shaped like? Are you a pin? A jack knife? A straw? A letter opener? A Q-tip?? Hmmmmm??????


kim and her disgusting family are social climbing, name dropping TRASH. They live in a constant lie, so before anyone defends them, you should know the facts first. They only wish that they were socialites and they have lied, cheated and are stealing the money they do have. They think money buys class so all the furs and diamonds have not been earned and mean absolutely nothing anyway. I think what a waste of flour but the result was so satisfying that I will give it up for the next year to replenish what we lost. What is this family going to do to replenish their karma and all the people they screwed over and deceived to live a lie? Christina, YOU DID GOOD!


This is not bullying act people, especially w/ the Earth gobbling pigs like the karTRASHians. Their strength is in front of the camera deceiving people, right? Then kim was not a weaker and deffinately not the smaller person. If you knew the ACTUAL definition of "bully" you would see that the only "bully" here is her mother kris, as she's the pimp, kris is the procurer. kim karTRASHian and her entire criminal family DESERVED this harmless flour trick for many more reasons than PETA beliefs. Way to go Christina! You have many, many supporters.


Is just a pity that some people love to step on people toes,kim works for her money let her be ok sorry kim


Absolutely well done Christina !
A masterpiece of work you did for that trashy tart who landed with her bum in the financial butter!
Well done a billion times.....Its the courageous people like you who bring goodness where there is only ego and self indulgent poison. So it is true this woman wears fur....Disgusting....I think anyone who can wear fur today is absolutely dead stupid and anesthetized or maybe a kind of sociopath -0 utterly VOID OF HUMAN EMPATHY!
.... doeskin give a damn for anything but herself...
I wish she could see how fur is produced...spend a few days in a FUR FACTORY - but she is maybe this would mean nothing to her....
Unless its in an expensive shop window draped over a mannequin with an obscene price tag I don't think FUr coat lady could even register anything in her neanderthal neural wiring! Well done well done a million times Christina!


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