Christina Cho Identified as Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber

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It seems likely that Kim Kardashian did not, for once, orchestrate her latest PR bonanza.

According to TMZ, the woman behind this idiot's flour bombing late last week is Christina Cho, an infamous PETA activist known for disrupting events in order to get that organization's message out. In 2010, for example, she grabbed a microphone from designer Donna Karan and condemned the use of fur in fashion.

Christina, whose sister is a top PETA official, won an award from the group two years ago for her efforts.

PETA, meanwhile, has denied any involvement in the flour bombing, although it's been clear that it stands behind the culprit.

Kardashian said over the weekend that she will press charges against Cho, while PETA responded that the ex-sex tape star should get a life.


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Christina Cho Identified as Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber
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I don't see d reason you guys were hiting on Kim, u guys are haters, enemy of progress. Those of u condeming this family will do d worst if u're in their own shoe.


I couldn't say it better then this guy
People you should stop following her, she is plastic, fake, and stupid. Your kids will be like her, do you want that ? do you want her clones, who is acting talking and waling like her. Do you hat Kim Kardashian ? I say she should be flured all the time


I dont know what fuss is about? I mean people need to mind their own bussiness let kim be.. The same way she believes in certain in things you have the right to believe in yours. This is america and you have a choice to be, to wear, to speak and do as you want. What that retart did was not because of peta it obviously was for something else.. She is just a low life hater and a bully going around and attacking people for wearing fur.. She is stupid.. What is her mission now? Stand on the red carpet on the grammy's and flour bomb each and every single actress/actor..? What is peta? Communism? They want to force others to believe and follow what they think is right? Obviously they are if they are awarding pathetic little people like christina cho.. If i was kim i would be the shit out of her because the retart wont be able to afford what kim going to sue her for.. &~:


Aww, poor Kim got some powder on her. What an injustice! It takes on average 40 animals to make one fur coat. Not for warmth, not for survival -- for vanity. I wonder how many it will take before Kim realizes it's just wrong. She is the real bully to millions of animals who are anally electrocuted and skinned alive each year.




I'd rather naked than wear fur?what the hell is that!think about you wear nothing in cold place,you wii die!PETA is nothing but stupid!


one thing is hating people and another attacking what this christina girl did is unexplicable and violent she shoul be punished.
hang her from her feet and stick her face on a bucket of flour lets see if she likes it!


as much as i hate kim kardashian i think what christina did was totally unwise,incivilized and totally inmature i think we should put ourselves in her shoes as much as kim is a bitch i am in full support of her sueing christina i rest my case


Nobody forces any fan to read this column .. but its quite disgusting to realize how much they hate Kim Kardashian for no apparent reason..its shame to all haters, you are just displaying your jealous attitudes here .. i simply love the Kardashians.. Yes i do..


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