Christie Brinkley Breaks Down, Asks for Peace from Peter Cook

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Christie Brinkley tried to keep it together. She really did.

But the former model just couldn't remain quiet any longer during an interview this morning with Matt Lauer, not when the topic turned to ex-husband Peter Cook, who cheated on Brinkley in 2008 with a teenager named Diana Bianchi.

"Since the day that he realized that I wasn't coming back, there has been a real character assassination going on," Brinkley said. "I asked for and got a confidentiality agreement with the original divorce. I alone have maintained the confidentiality agreement. I had offers for a sympathetic show from Oprah, Jeff Zucker offered me an hour on primetime. Everybody asked me to come on. I did not want to do it."

With Cook having sat down with Geraldo Rivera and
Good Morning America since the couple's split, Brinkley admitted she's become embarrassed over what their divorce has spiraled into.

"I have never taken part in name calling," she said. "I'm not alone. I've gotten hundreds of letters from women that are going through this. It's not easy."

Son Sailor has been residing with Christine for the past seven months and, devolving into years, she told Lauer there's really only one thing she wants at this point:

"[Peter] continues to contact me... I just want peace. And every time I have any joy or any kind of success in anything, he has to try to destroy it."


Hilarious and beautiful. To be tghuoht fascinating by someone you find fascinating does make you drunk. I would have tghuoht it would have to be a two-way street, but maybe models are so used to being found fascinating that they don't care? Or maybe he let her rub Al Roker's tummy. One quibble: I am not without my Billy Joel moments but his secret is that HE IS RICH.


How courageous and articulate Christie is and how out of touch is Matt Lauer? I know many who have been the victims of abusive, malignant narcissists and these losers are like painful rashes that never go away. I wish Christie and her kids the peace they have earned!!!

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